Peterhof Palace

Heading to Peterhof in the high-speed boat

A high-speed boat is now leaving the pier of Saint Petersburg.

After the boat started, we can see open ocean-cruise ships are at anchor at St Petersburg Cruise Port.

A high-speed boat was arrived at the pier of Peterhof.
No apparent vibration or shaking was observed during a short sea trip.

Peterhof is located southwest of Saint Petersburg, along the Finland Bay.

Hydrofoils to Peterhof will take you down the Neva river and Gulf of Finland to the famous Kingdom of
Fountains in 30 minutes. A cruise boat fare is 1200 Rubles for a round-trip ticket.

A hamburg shop in a Peterhof Garden

Peterhof Garden and Palace
Historic Centre off Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments is known as a World Heritage Site since 1991.

Peterhof Garden

Peterhof Palace

The great fountains of Peterhof Palace, built in 1712-1725

All visitors are just impressed by its magnificent beauty.

(L) Lion and fountain (R) The exterior of Peterhof Palace

A brilliant fountain of Peterhof Garden

Returning to Saint Petersburg in the high-speed boat

(L) A pier where a high-speed hydrofail leaves (R) A boat is now starting to accelerate.

(L) A high-speed hydrofoil: As speed is gained, hydrofoil-boat lifted the boat's hull out of the water,
decreasing drag and thus allowing it for greater speeds.
(R) A yacht on Finland Bay

The residential area extends to the north-west of Saint Petersburg, along the Finland Bay.

(L) Piterland, the largest water park in Russia and high-rose condominium in the suburb of Saint-Petersburg
(L) A new highway bridge is under construction.

(L) Saint petersburg dockyard (R) Yubileiny Sports Palace

(L) A high-speed boat is passing under Tuchkov Bridge, the first bridge to the Zayachiy Island
(M) Flying-Dutchman (R) St. Peter and Pul's Fortress

The boat terminal beside the Winter palace

A high-speed boat to the pier of Peterhof and A brilliant fountain of Peterhof Garden
A brilliant fountain of Peterhof Palace

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