Smokers in Russia

Smoking statistics rather alarming in Russia

Forty percent of the Russian population smokes, of which 60 percent being men and
more than 20 percent women. Among youth, one-fourth of them smoke.
Thus, the country has one of the top male smoking rates in the world and one of
the highest youth smoking rates in Eastern Europe.

The price that people are paying for nicotine addiction is even more terrifying.
An estimated half a million people die each year from tobacco-related diseases,
including second- hand smoke. It may partly be due to increased tobacco consumption.
The life expectancy of Russian male population has dropped to 59, by comparison;
men in Western Europe live, on average, 77 years.

The growing black market has indeed become one of the side-effects of the remedy
that Russian policymakers have been using to tackle people's attachment to smoking.

Now, a poll conducted by Russian Public Opinion Research Center showed that 76 percent
of Russian population, both smokers and non-smokers-welcome the idea of banning
smoking in all public places.

This probably means that Russian society is ready to deal with the smoking issue.
Experts say it won't take long for people to get adjusted, just as it happened in Europe.
This embraces hope that within a couple of years henceforth the habit of lighting up
will not be as wide-spread in Russia as it is today.
Reference: The Voice of Russia, July 16, 2014

Saint Petersburg

(L) A smoker on a sidewalk along the canal to Church of the Savior on Blood
(R) The outside area of Church of the Savior on Blood prohibits smoking.

(L) A smoker in boat floating on the canal (R) Smokers on a side-walk outside a hotel

(L) Smoking couple on a side-walk outside a hotel (R) A woman smoker before riding her car

(L) Smoking outside of a hotel entrance
(R) A young man was smoking Hookah (water-pipe) at the Lighthouse on Vasilievsky Island. St.Petersburg.


(L) Women were talking in smoking on a sidewalk outside Subway first food store, near the Belorusskaya station
(R) People are smoking outside building, near the Belorusskaya station.

(L) A lot of cigarette buts left at a drainage ditch in the height of the hand was seen at intersection near the Komsomolskaya
station:The streets of Moscow are generally clean. No cigarette buts were found on a road while staying in Moscow.
A smoker usually put a cigarette on at the place with a stand-ashtray.
(R) Many smokers are spending their time under the rain shelter of building.

Many smokers were putting the light on cigarette under the rain shelter of a large commercial building.

Smokers are outside the entrance of a high-rose office building in the New-City of Moscow.

A tobacco shop at the busy crossroad, in front of the Belorusskaya railway station
A black screen was placed to hide the tobacco display shelf. A staff opens it when a customer wanted to buy it.

The price of cigarette:

Tobacco retail price in the city of Moscow as of July 2014
The cheapest cigarette cost you 52 Russian Rubles or 1.44 US dollars.
The most expensive one cost you 105 Russian Rubles or 2.91 US dollars.

Malboro      83- 85 Rubles
Chesterfield    64
Parliament     95 - 105
Kent        83
Richmind     95
Pall Mall      56
Winstone     63
L&M        56
Camel       72

Narita airport smoking rooms  International comparison of cigarette prices and taxes


Smoking is absolutely forbidden in a train. Therefore, smokers have to go to a plateform and smoke during the short stop,
for one to two minutes. The picture was taken at a local station between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

(L) A cabin attendant of high-speed train, Sapsan
(R) Advertisement was pasted on a metro train of Moscow to recommend to quit smoking.

Narita airport smoking rooms Tobacco control in Russian Federation 2008-2014
The role of JT International in Ukraina War.

 Russia bans smoking in restaurants, bars - Washington Post

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 Moscow, the capital of Russia

Moscow Kremlin

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