Copenhagen International Airport

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is the major airport serving Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located in the area 8 km south of
Copenhagen city center, and 24 km west of malmo City, Sweden, which stands at the other side of the Oresund
Bridge. It is the biggest airport in Scandinavia.

Check-in counter of Copenhagen Airport

The Copenhagen Airport Station
Denmark's DSB has a Flex Front type train, which make a train connection easier.

The railway station of Copenhagen Airport is located underneath the terminal building, and is an important point
for DSB passenger service. It connects with Malmo City and other cities in Sweden. Danish intercity trains
terminate at this station,going to the various places in Denmark, such as Arhus, Frederikshavn. SJ of Sweden
operates X2000 high-speed trains to Stockholm and Gothenburg.

(L) The departure terminal of Copenhagen Airport
(R) A satellite photo of the airport
Upper reddish line shows a Danish railroad and Highway E20.

Smoking restriction of the world airports


「Tobacco seriously damages health」の警告であろう。非常にインパクトのあるもので、空港管理者の強い意思表示が

Railway Travel around the World
  All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Finland
Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Iceland
Smoking Ban in restaurants and bars in Sweden
Smoking ban and Tobacco Control in Denmark

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Oresund Bridge & Drogden Tunnel

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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