Jutland Peninsula and Fyn Island

Jutland Peninsula

Source: Perry-Castandeda Library Map Collection,The University of Texas at Austin

Constituting 70 percent of Denmark, the Jutland Peninsula is this flat country's most rural province. It has the
North Sea to its west, the Baltic Sea to its east, and the Danish-German border to its south.Sunlight a day in
the summer lasts about 18 hours. The Jutland peninsula is connected to the rest of continental Europe, bordering
Germany to the south. To the east, the international waterway of the Sound provides the border to Sweden,
only minutes away by tunnel and bridge.

(L) A ferry boat arrived from Sweden (R) Frederikshavn Pier, Denmark.

Ferry between Sweden and Denmark

(L) A straw-thatched private house at the town of Lokken, a coast town of northwest Jutland, Denmark.
(R) A townhouse at Lokken.
(L) A rent-a-car with an automatic shift we used. In north Europe, most cars have the manual transmission.
(M) A wind power generator seen near the highway of Denmark..
(R) Summer Evening on the Beach at Skagen. Artist and his Wife. Painting by P.S. Kroeyer, 1899.

An EU Highway, E45. a pleasant drive road goes south to Arhus.

(L) Arhus, a city in the east coast of Jutland Peninsula. (R) The port of Arhus, a railway line in front.

(L)The exterior of Arhus Railway Station (M) A sign board at entrance and a hall of Arhus Station (R) A street in Auhus.

A train for Copenhagen arrived in Arhus Station platform.

(L) The quiet platform of Arhus Station after all train departures. (R) Arhus Station lobby

Antique houses found along the road between Arhus and Ringkobing, west coast of Jutland Peninsula.

A Burgerking shop in the town of Herning, in the central part of Jutland Peninsula ( all smoke-free ).

A scene around Herning.

(L) A quiet Ringkobing Station, near North Sea in the west end of Jutland Peninsula. (R) The entrance to station building.

Antique houses in the resort town of Holmsland Klit, near the seacoast faced to North Sea.

(L) A dune on Jutland's coast-line faced to North Sea.
(R) It is very pleasant to put legs into a beach to which sea waves are lapping.
( Photo taken at the resort coast of Holmsland Klit )

(L) A wind-break forest at a coast line of Jutland Peninsula. (R) Display of the national flag of Denmark seen in the countryside.

A wind power generator quite often along the Denmark highway.

The Euro Highway E20 East Bound links to the city of Odense.

(L) A townhouse in the city of Odense. (R) An antique Odense Rail Station is not in service at present.

(L) A sunset at Odense Station ( Photo taken about 22:00 ) (R) A train leaving Odense for Copenhagen.

(L) A sunset at Odense Station ( Photo taken about 22:00 ) (R) A local train for Fredericia.

A toilet in Denmark is usually toll. You have to carry a coin to avoid a trouble. The cost ranges from 2 to 5 DKK.
1 DKK=17.5 Yen (September 2009).

(L) A reception desk of the First Grand Hotel of Odense. A key-hang board on the receptionist' back.
(R) A dinning room of First Grand Hotel.

(L) A courtesy breakfast served at a dinning hall of First Grand Hotel. (R) First Grand Hotel established at 1897, the oldest in the city.

H.C.Andersens Hus ( H.C. Andersen Museum ) : The entrance and admission ticket.

(L)(M) An antique town of Denmark seen in the Museum area. (R) A book of 'Fairytales', English Edition.

(L) A parking lot at the entrance to the museum. (R) The museum staffs of an antique fashion pose with a beaming face.

In the 18 century, these scenes might be common. (L) A women walking in a village. (R) Knitting women in antique clothes.

An elegant old house in nature and a museum staff doing a housework in an antique clothes.

(L) A garden party in a sunny day (R) A horse with a gentle eye and children

(L) A cow with tender eye and antique house in the back. (R) An old house melted into the nature surroundings.

(L) A country side of Denmark provides the well-formed stage of fairy tales by Andersen.
(R) A sign board inside of the museum.





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