Copenhagen, the premier capital of Northern Europe, is Scandinavia's most fantastic city and the center of
the most dynamic region, Oresund region, in the area of Europe. The city is one of the Europe's oldest capitals
with a royal touch.

(L) Skt.Jorgens. So.(Canal), Copenhagen, Denmark (R) Radhus ( Copenhagen City Hall )

McDonald and Seven Eleven at the center of Copenhagen.

(L) Stroget is the world's oldest and longest pedestrian street. It was opened in 1962.
(R) A lot of American cherries and many flower pots seen in Stroget, Copenhagen.

(L) A narrow street of Ostergade, Copenhagen. (R) Cycling in Stroget.

A busy Ostergade street ( Stroget ).

(L) Rosenborg Slot ( palace ). When we visited there, a festival sponsored by a retired military soldier.
(R) Rosenborg Park

A colorful flower in bloom at Rosenborg Park. Old houses in the back appeared to be a condominium.

(L) Barracks near Kastellet fortification to defend the city of Copenhagen.
The buildings are now used for office and residence of military personnel.
(R) Den Lille Havfrue, one of the major sightseeing spots of Copenhagen:
At this place, we can experience both expectation and disappointment.

Amalienborg Slot ( Imperial Palace ) and guard men.

(L) Nyhavn, Copenhagen. This canal district is busy in a boat tour, restaurant and shopping.
(R) Sunset in Copenhagen town.


The certificate to pass over the North Pole


Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Finland
Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Iceland
Smoking Ban in restaurants and bars in Sweden
Smoking ban and Tobacco Control in Denmark

Copenhagen Airport Copenhagen Copenhagen Railways Jutland and Fyn Fyn and Zealand
Oresund Bridge & Drogden Tunnel

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Greater Copenhagen Railways

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