Fyn and Zealand

Egeskov Castle is located in the south of the Funen Island, Denmark. The castle is known as the Europe's
best-preserved Renaissance water castle. A moat is filled with a clean water that surrounds a castle.

(L) The Egeskov Slot Castle appears to be floating on the water. (R) An admission ticket to the castle.

(L) An approach to the Egeskov Slot Castle.
(R) A round-arched window view of the large garden surrounding the castle.

The content of the castle includes a massive collection of oil paintings, hunting tools and games.

The interior of the Egeskov Slot Castle.

(L) Hunting tools and games. (M) A steep slope of water drainage in the roof.
(R) A firm wooden structure seen at the top of the castle.

(L) A reinforcement work made probably at the later time?
(R) Garden trees that beautifully trimmed seen near the Egeskov Slot Castle.

A straw-thatched private house

After 30 minute-driving from the city of Arhus, you may find a straw-thatched private house.

Great Belt Bridge

The Great Belt Link connects the Danish islands of Zealand and Funen across the Great Belt. It consists of
a road suspension bridge and railway tunnel. The suspension bridge, known as the East Bridge, has the
world's third longest main span, in length of 1,600 meter.

(L) East Bridge, Great Belt Bridge Link (R) West Bridge, Great Belt Bridge Link

(L) An approach highway to the Great Belt West Bridge
(R) An automobile runs in parallel to a railway train at Great Belt West Bridge.

(L) A driver's view from the West Bridge to the East Bridge, Great Belt Bridge Link.
(R) A radar tower stands at the point between the East and West Bridges.
The vertical clearance for ships is 65 meters. At 254 meters above sea level, the two pylons
of the East Bridge is the highest points on solid structures in Denmark.. The length of suspension
of the bridge is 6,790 meter,and a bridge's free span reaches 1,624 meters.

The toll station stands at the land area east of the East Bridge, Great Belt Bridge Link.
The left 2 lanes are for ETC, the right 2 lanes are for a payment by credit card or cash.
The toll charge is 205 DKK or 29 Euros ( 2008 ). The fee increased to 215DKK or 30 Euros in 2009.

The manual gate: A staff is always present and accept a payment by a credit card or cash.

This gate is, in principle, no staff stays there, and a driver uses a vending machine to pay by a credit card,
but, if a handling is delayed, a staff member comes to assist a driver.

The gate for the BroBizz(ETC) car. No need to stop car.

Helsingor is a city on the northeast coast of Zealand, in eastern Denmark.
It is known as the setting of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

The terminal station of DSB ( Denmark National Railway ), Helsingor Station.

(L) The station front of Helsingor Station (R) Interior of Helsingor Station

The world of oil painting. Photographed in a passage-way to Kronborg Castle.

(L) The entrance to Kronborg Castle (R) The exterior of Kronborg Castle

An approach passage to Kronborg Castle

(L) Oresund Strait and the sea observed from the castle top (R) Barracks and a yacht harbor viewed from the housetop.

(L) A ferry boat departing to Sweden seen from the castle top. (R) An underground passage in the Kronborg Castle.


長い吊り橋によって結ばれた。その結果、デンマークは欧州大陸と陸続きとなった。Great Belt Bridge and Tunnel

コペンハーゲンから 車でOresundStrait の海を右手に望みながら北上すると、1時間ほどでヘルシンゴーの町に着く。

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Jutland and Fyn Fyn and Zealand Oresund Bridge & Drogden Tunnel

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