Gold Coast

Gold Coast、Queensland

The Gold Coast is a coastal city in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia. The city
is located at 94 kilometres south of the state capital Brisbane. It is the most populous non-capital
city n Australia.

Surfers Paradise at dusk

The beach of Surfers Paradise at night

Gold Coast experiences a subtropical climate, with warm winters and hot, humid summers.
The city experiences substantial summer precipitation mostly concentrated in thunderstorms
and heavy showers with rain events occasionally lasting up to a few weeks, at times giving
residentsthe summer blues, while winter is pleasant and warm with little rain

(L) Broadbeach South Terminus: There is a plan to extend the Gold Coast Light-Rail track to the Goldcoast Airport.
(R) Automobile is prohibited to run the tram track space.

Gold Coast Light-rail -at Cavill Avenue station

Gold Coast Light rail - Broadbeach-South terminal station

(L) Light-Rail train is running on Gold Coast Highway, near the Palm Avenue.
(R) A sling shot: This amusement machine is located near the Cypress Avenue station.

Cavill Avenue station, which locates in the centre of Surfers Paradise commercial district.

Cavill Avenue station at night

(L) The train runs every 15 minutes until the midnight. In weekdays, it runs every 7-8 minutes between 7:00AM - 7:00PM.
(R) An automatic vending machine for ticket

(L) Train guidance panel inside (R) Many police officers are on alert in Surfers Paradise.

The Gold Coast's light rail service is called G:link. A 13 km-line between Griffith University and
Broadbeach connecting the key activity centres of Southport and Surfers Paradise opened in
July 2014.G:link, also known as the Gold Coast Light Rail, is a light-rail system on the Gold Coast,
Australia. The first stage of the project is a 16 station line between Griffith University and
Broadbeach. The line is 13 kilometres long.
Source: Wikipedia

Many high-school students are gathered in Surfers Paradise.

High-school students and a taxi in Gold Coast

Girl students are cavorting around the Surfers paradise. Police officers are in alert in the town.

So many good-looking girl-students were enjoying their time in the Surfers Paradise.

High-school students are gathering to the venue held at the Gold Coast Schoolies.

Schoolies Dates for 2014
Week 1 (QLD) 22 November 2014 to 29 November 2014
Week 2 (NSW & VIC) 29 November 2014 - 7 December 2014
Week 3 (NSW & VIC) 6 December 2014 - 14 December 2014

Schoolies or schoolies-week (also known as the leavers' or leavers' week in Western Australia)
refers to the Australian tradition of high-school graduates having week-long holidays following
the end of their final exams in late November and early December.Schoolies-week is seen as
a final party with schoolmates before they head their separate ways.

A supermarket in Surfers Paradise: The price of goods is not inexpensive.

Broadbeach is the home to one of Queensland's largest shopping centres, Pacific Fair, currently
undergoing a $670 million renovation. The area is also home to the Jupiters Hotel and Casino,
the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Oasis Shopping Centre. . The new
apartment blocks include The Wave, The Oracle.
Source: Wikipedia

Against to expectation, the price of fruits is rather expensive. Roast chicken and beef are inexpensive.
Peanut produced in Australia was cheap. However, the price of Coca-Cola cost Aus$ 350 for a 600 ml
bottle. A mineral water is also expensive. These are about four times of the prices in Tokyo.

(L) High-rise buildings stand close a long beach in Surfers Paradice.
(R) A quiet residential area in the Marriott Hotel, Surfers Paradise

A monorail linking Casino: However, it is closed at present.
This shows new unique buildings, which includes a $850 million two-tower luxury apartment and The Wave
a residential skyscraper.

The Skypoint, SkyPoint (formerly Q1 Observation Deckand QDeck) is an observation deck, located 230 metres
off the ground at the top of the Q1 on the Gold Coast,

The pictures show a panoramic view to the north of Gold Coast (left) and to the south of Gold Coast.

Chevron Island in Surfers Paradise

The state border between Queensland and New South Wales is located in the middle of Gold Coast
International Airport.A direct flight passenger from Singapore is increasing; a passenger form
Japan is decreasing in 2013.

Gold Coast
The distance to Los Angeles 11,548 Km
The distance to New York 16,038 Km
The distance to Hawaii 7,652 Km
The distance to Tokyo 7,220 Km
The distance to Vanvouver 11,891 Km

Gold Coast University Hospital

Gold Coast University Hospital is a major health facility offering tertiary level health care for the
Gold Coast,completed in September 2013. The hospital was built on the site of Greenfields next
to Griffith University. Gold Coast campus was built at a cost of $1.8 billion. New 750-bed medical
facility includes specialist cancer and cardiac services, neurosciences, trauma and neonatal
intensive care services.

Gold Coast University Hospital station, the north terminal of the light train

The entrance to the hospital with a waning notice

A sign board and a cafeteria of the University Hospital

A Sushi counter and a cafeteria in the University Hospital

(L) Another building is under construction. (R) Sushi in the cafeteria provides a good-tasting sushi.

 Gold Coast Light-Rail, Northbound
 Gold Coast Light-Rail, Southbound
 A ticket inspector in Gold coast Light-Rail

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Japan high speed railways Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Tokyo
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Thailand Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Bangkok
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Smoke-free hotels in Tokyo
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Australia 2007-2012
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Tasmania Plain packaging of tobacco

Rail Travel in Australia
Adelaide  Brisbane   Canberra to Sydney and Gold Coast

Arrival to Australia Canberra Sydney East coast of New South Wales
Gold Coast Smoking ban in hotels of Canberra and Sydney Smoking ban in hotels of the sea-resort
Smoking ban in hotels of Gold Coast Tobacco control in Australia Departure from Australia

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