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New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

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New Chitose Airport is an airport in the Sapporo metropolitan area. It is the largest airport in Hokkaido.
It served over 18,000,000 passengers in 2006, the third in Japan after Narita and Haneda.

New Chitose Airport station platform is located on B1F of the terminal building. The station is a spur
off the Chitose Line of JR Hokkaido. Rapid train services are in operation to and from Sapporo Station.
It links the airport and city within 40 minutes.

Interior of the terminal building

No-smoking sign plate posted at the entrance of restaurants and bars. Total smoking ban has been going on since July 2006.

Smoking Rooms in the New Chitose Airport

(L) A large tobacco advertisement in the smoking booth
(R) AED ( automated external defibrillator ) besides of smoking booth

Air-separated smoking booths

A special smoking space equipped with a 'state-of-the-art' ventilation system, 'SMOKERS STYLE',
provided by Japan Tobacco Inc., at the New Citose Airport, Hokkaido. There is no entrance and/or exit door.
Photographed in September 2009. 
「誘引吸引分煙システム」とJTが自称する扉のない喫煙室「SMOKERS STYLE」 (2009年撮影)

Smoking restriction of the world airports

Airport smoking rooms

Tobacco industry promotes the construction of designated smoking rooms as a way to sidetrack
efforts not to lose many smokers. A various study showed that nicotine-vapor air monitoring in
a non-smoking area of the airport, next to a smoking room located in the Terminal, reveals elevated
levels of ambient-nicotine-vapor in excess of what would be expected in a completely smokefree
environment. Japan Tobacco Inc.(JT) introduced a strong aspiration and deflation systems of
tobacco smoke. The company said it provide a comfort effect to both smokers and nonsmokers.
However, when we are in the area near the door-less entrance to smoking room, we feel somewhat
sick. An adverse effect to human health is not a so small, allergic reaction to tobacco smoke
may become evident. A chronic effect to an employer working in the airport terminal will include
cancer and heart disease.

Smoking room at the New Chitose Airport should be abandoned, in order to keep people staying
in the terminal healthier.

Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,PhD. September 2009

(L) Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) is studying about the air flow in a smoking room to try to oppose a total prohibition.
Blue plate represents smoking area, red plate non-smoking area.
(M)(R) Smoking space in New Chitose Airport

(L) Door-less entrance/exit of the smoking space
(M) JT insists to provide a ventilated smoking space in indoor public buildings.
(R) Japan Tobacco Inc.(JT), here, is campaigning about a strong aspiration power of tobacco smoke.

会社の方針としてあくまでも分煙を推し進めている。あたかも分煙でタバコ有害煙 を阻止できると錯覚させるのが戦略で、まやかしに過ぎない。

Japan Tobacco Inc. insists to keep a smoking room in all public places, including an airport terminal.
The researchers of the company propose the various separate smoking systems, like in the terminal
buildings in New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido. There is no entrance and/or exit door at the smoking room.
They claim tobacco smoke may not flow into a passenger waiting lobby. The company had been tried
every possible means to oppose a total smoking ban. Above scenes are photographed from the TV
commercial sponsored by the Japan Tobacco Inc..

Tobacco industry promotes to establish a separate smoking room in a restaurant and pub for smokers,
 trying to control the mind of all Japanese people by a repeated TV commercial. 分煙推進で洗脳行為するタバコ会社
Japan Tobacco Inc. is supporting aggressive street smoking bans in order to foil to prevent a clean indoor air act?
Total smoking ban in JR Hokkaido trains JR北海道は全面禁煙
All restaurants in the New Chitose Airport are smokefree. 全面禁煙・新千歳空港飲食店
Smoking rooms in a local airport in Japan 地方空港での喫煙対応
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「禁煙席ネット」主宰 日本タバコフリー学会顧問 医学博士 宮本順伯
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The article was written in September 2009, and revised in October 2012,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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Special Note:
 Two South Kuril and two islands off Hokkaido are the own land of Japan.
 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Domestic travel in Japan
 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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