Hawaii 1960 - 2007

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 Hawaii is the newest of the 50states and the only state made up entirely of islands. It is located in the
central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United states, southeast of Japan and northeast of Australia.
Honolulu of the island of Oahu is the state capital of Hawaii. Population of the state estimated about 1,300,000.

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(L) In Hawaii, English and Japanese are the two important languages for touring the islands.

Hawall 1960 -2007

It was the first time to step in a country outside of Japan. As one of the grantee of Fulbright Exchange Program,
the writer landed in Honolulu after the ten-day sea trip after Yokohama by the President Cleaveland, operated
by American President Line. Hawaii was the place to stop over on the way to San Francisco, the destination.
Japan' s economy in 1960s was so poor, and monetary restriction was enforced, so a tourist cannot make a trip
to outside the own country. Therefore, we met no Japanese tourists in Honolulu. It was in June 1960.


Honolulu, Hawaii in 1960. (L) A palm street near the Oahu Port. (R) Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki Beach.
Photographed in June 1960 by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD.

A commemorative postage stamp cerebrating the fifty years between Japan and US Fulbright Exchange program

In April 2007, 47 years has passed since the time we first landed in Honolulu. Everything is so different.
Now, Boing jet aircraft carries 480 passengers in about seven hours. Almost all passengers are Japanese.
Most major hotels in Waikiki are packed with a Japanese group tour. About eighty percent of hotel-user
at Honolulu Japanese. The second language in Hawaii appears to be Japanese. Workers in many shops
and restaurants understand Japanese, and they accept Japanese yen for its payment. A driver's license
issued in Japan is valid in the state of Hawaii. When we compared with those days, it appears to belong
to another age.


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The photographs were taken in March 2007, except for the picture taken in June 1960.
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