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UCSF Medical Center Hospitals

UCSF Medical Center

University of California-San Francisco Hospital

The University of California, San Francisco, UCSF is one of the worlds leading centers of health-sciences
research, patient care, and education. Medical, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, and graduate schools of
the UCSF are among the highest health-science professional schools in the world. The UCSF Medical
Center is consistently ranked among the top 10 hospitals in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.

UCSF is a smoke-free environment. Smoking in and around the hospital premises and affiliated sites is
prohibited. Hospital patients who smoke will receive nicotine replacement therapy and counseling by our
smoking-cessation team. Nicotine replacement products will be available in the hospital Gift Shop at
Parnassus and Mount Zion for family members and visitors who smoke.

University of California-San Francisco Hospital

(L) Emergency room entrance (R) Medcal center is a smoke-free campus

(L) This sign board indicates no smoking is allowed for patients and visitors
(M) UCSF Medical Center is awarded as a ' Top 10 Hospitals' in the United States
(R) A guide map of UCSF campus at Parnassus Heights

(L) There is UCSF Police Department in the building of UCSF campus.
(R) One of the bulletin boards, that is posted in the campus.

(L) A hospital corridor: When the room is in use, a red-light signal is on.
(R) Decorated hospital wall showing a history of medical services

(L) The picture of the will tells us the history of San Francisco.
(R) Beckman Vision Center ward of the UCSF

Beckman Vision Center of UCSF demonstrates the display of ophthalmoscopy.

Signs of no-smoking in the UCSF campus

Many hospital staffs were taking a rest in a courtyard at noon.

The entrance to the cafeteria and inside seats

Hospital cafeteria provides a variety of vegetables and fruits.

(L) Outdoor seat of the hospital cafeteria (R) 'Smart Choice' champagne was posted on the cafeteria's wall to prevent obesity.

A receipt issued from Moffitt Cafe, UCSF Medical Cemter: It showed the price of the food items and its calories, fat,
carbohydrates and sodium concentrations. It also advises you to change coke to the natural water; then, you can
reduce body weight over 11 kgs per annum.

This picture shows a refreshing wide view of Pacific Ocean, from the Beckman Vision Center, UCSF Hospital.

An elegant apartment house and side walk near the UCSF Medical Center

UCSF Medical Center viewed from Judah Street.

United States Smoking restriction within US National Parks
United States Smoking control in Midwestrn US and at San Francisco

カリフォルニア大学サンフランシスコ校は、サンフランシスコ市に本部を置く。 現在ではサンフランシスコ市内に
などとの連携を図っている。 国際的な医療機関であり、DNAの組み換え技術の発見や、世界で初めて胎内児の手術
に成功した等、’ファースト’であると自負している。薬学の全米1位を始めとして、 多くの研究科が全米トップ10

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Smoking ban in National Parks San Francisco 01 San Francisco 02 Hotels in San Francisco
UCSF Medical Center Smoking control in Midwestern US and at San Francisco

カリフォルニア大学 サンフランシスコ医学センター

執筆  医学博士 宮本順伯

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The article was written in July 2012, and all photographs were taken in June 2012,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.
Copyright(C) 2012 Junhaku Miyamoto, All rights reserved.

United States smoking ban
San Francisco 1960-2012

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