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Smoking Restriction within US National Parks

Montana and Wyoming Laws on Smoking

The Montana Clean Indoor Air Ac, enacted in 2005 and implemented fully in October 2009,
allows hotels to offer 35% of their rooms as smoking rooms, and the rest have to be smoke-free.

Wyoming has no state laws concerning indoor smoking in general, and thus local governments
can regulate general indoor smoking as they see fit. Wyoming recommeded to provide adequate
protection against exposure to secondhand smoke in public places.

Glacier National Park

(L) Reynolds Mountain, Glacier National Park (R) Swiftcurrent Motor Inn and Cabin at the Glacier National Park

(L) A sign plate shows that Many Glacier Hotel is smoke-free hotel.
(R) This plate shows a desgnated smoking place at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.
In Montana, no smoking restriction was enforced within a certain arean of building entrances/exits, windows and air ducts.

(L) Many Glacier Hotel : The hotel is opened to the public in 1915
(R) A notice that the hotel will be open after June 15.

Smoking Ban in Hotels at Glacier National Park

Swiftcurrent Moter Inn: 88 rooms /all non-smoking
Many Glacier Hotel: 214 rooms/all non-smoking
Glacier Park Lodge: 160 rooms/all nonsmoking
St. Mary Lodge, Cabins and Motel: 115 rooms/
all nonsmoking
Lake McDonald Lodge: 100 rooms/all non-smoking

A stand ashtray and a carriage porch of the Glacier Park Lodge, East Glacier, Montana

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton mountains

(L) A lobby of Jackson Lake Lodge (R) A designated smoking chair outside of a lobby

(L) A stand ash-tray of the Jackson Lake Lodge (R) No smoking is allowed at a balcony of the lodge.

(L) The number of grocery store is limited. However, store provide a large selection of fruits and vegetables.
(R)A tap water may not be quite safe. Although there are a few number of 'Water filling station' to refill a plastic water bottle.

Chinese group traveler was eating lunch at chairs in front of grocery store.

(L) One of Chinese was smoking on the way to return to the tour bus.
(R) No-smoking rule is strictly enforced inside of the building.

(L) Signal Mountain Lodge (R) A wide view from the summit of Signal Mountain, Montana

(L) A designated smoking place of the Signal Mountain Lodge
(R) No smoking is allowed within 6.1 meters of doorways or windows of a building.

Smoking Ban in Hotels at Grand Teton National Park

Jackson Lake Lodge: 385 rooms ( 37 large rooms and 348 cabins )/all non-smoking
Signal Mountain Lodge: 79 rooms/
all non-smoking
Jenny Lake Lodge: 37 rooms/all nonsmoking
Colt Bay Village: 166 cabins/
all nonsmoking
Hilton Garden Inn Kalispell: 114 rooms/all non-smoking
Hilton Garden Inn Kalispell is not the hotel within the boundary of Grand Teton National Park.

Hilton Garden Inn Kalispell

Wendy's restaurant in Kalispell is smokefree. No smoking allowed inside.

Yellowstone National Park

It is very pleasant time to spend in the hot whirlpool, with the lake and mountain view.

(L) Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (R) A Japanese in a group tour was smoking with a portable ashtray in the trail in Yellowstone.

(L) No-smoking sign at the entrance door to Visitor Center
(R) No-smoking sign in a garbage can

(L) A stand ashtray outside of the general shop at the Canyon of the Yellowstone National Park
(R) A stand ashtray placed outside of the Canyon Lodge

(L) A designated smoking place at Mammoth Hot Springs
(R) A stand ashtray on the way to a restairant of Mammouth Hot Springs

(L) A Chinese woman in a group tour was smoking near the stand ashtray of the Old faithful Inn
(R) No-smoking sgign posted in the corridor between the East Wing and the Old House, Old faithful Inn

(L) No-smoking sign on the trail of the Geyser (M) Beehive eruption, Yellowstone National Park
(R) No-smoking sign at the famous Old faithful Geser Basin

(L) All guest rooms are non-smoking at all accommodation in Yellowstone National Park.
(R) The 'Thank you for Not Smoking' sign at a guest room of Old Faithful Inn

Smoking Ban in Hotels at Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Inn: 329 (325) rooms/all non-smoking
Old Faithful Smow Lodge: 134 rooms/
all non-smoking
Old Faithful Lodge Cabins: 96 rooms/all non-smoking
Lake Yellowstone Hotel: 296 rooms ・・・
・・・157 rooms, 1 suite, 36 Annex and 102 Cabins/
all nonsmoking
Lake Lodge Cabins: 186 rooms/
all nonsmoking
Mammouth Hot Springs Hotel: 211 rooms/all non-smoking
Canyon Lodge and Cabins: 520 rooms/all non-smoking

All rental cars from Avis and Hertz in North America are smoke-free.


Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

 US West Coast and National Parks 2012

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Smoking ban in National Parks San Francisco 01 San Francisco 02 Hotels in San Francisco
UCSF Medical Center Smoking control in Midwestern US and at San Francisco



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