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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park was established in 1872, is located primarily in the state of Wyoming. Yellowstone,
widely held to be the first national park in the world, is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features,
especially Old Faithful Geyser, one of the most popular features in the park. It has many types of ecosystems,
but the subalpine forest is dominant.

(L) A sign board of Yellowstone National Park(R) The south entrance of Yewllowstone National Park

A ranger at a park entrance welcomes a visitor:
A fee to Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks for a private car, $25.00, good for one week

(L) Yellowstone Forest Reserve (R) Mud volcano, Yellowstone National Park

Lewis River, Yellowstone National Park

Marshy meadows and ducks, Yellowstone National Park

The Continental Divide of the Americas or Great Divide, is the name given to the principal, and largely mountainous,
hydrological divide of the Americas that separates the watersheds that drain into the Pacific Ocean from those river
systems that drain into the Atlantic Ocean. There are many other hydrological divides in the Americas. However,
the Great Divide is by far the most prominent of these because it tends to follow a line of high peaks along the main
ranges of the Rocky Mountains in North America, at a generally much higher elevation than the other divides.
Reference: Wikipedia

Continental Divide, Elevation:2518m above sea level

The Yellowstone fires of 1988 together formed the largest wildfire in the recorded history of the Yellowstone
National Park. Starting as many smaller individual fires, the flames spread quickly out of control with increasing
winds and drought and combined into one large conflagration, which burned for several months. The fires
almost destroyed two major visitor destinations and, in September 1988. The entire park was closed to all
non-emergency personnel for the first time in its history. Only the arrival of cool and moist weather in the late
autumn brought the fires to an end. A 36 percent of the park was affected by the wildfires.

Reference: Wikipedia

Yellowstone Lake and snow-capped mountains

A fire in Yellowstone, Wyoming: Date and author unknown, probably photographed in 1988.

(L) Dead snags still stand over 20 years after the extensive fires in Yellowstone.
(R) Burned trees of the 1988 fire at Yellowstone

(L) A burned tree of 1988 major fire in Yellowstone National Park (R) Yellowstone Lake

Lake Yellowstone Hotel stands besides of Yellowstone Lake.

A bar and dinning room of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The Mud Volcano Group, on the west side of the road and Yellowstone River, has a one mile loop trail that
encounters features like Dragons Mouth Spring, a small flooded cave was a gas noisily pushes aside the water
at regular intervals.

(L) Mud volcano is located north to Fishing Village, Yellowstone National Park
(R) Guide map and warning notice of the risk of trails around the geysers.

(L) Mud volcano (R) Dragons Mouth Spring. Both geysers are in the Mud Volcano Area, Yellowstone National Park.

(L) Mud volcano (M) Dragons Mouth Spring. Both geysers are in the Mud Volcano Area
(R) The Mud Volcano thermal area, Yellowstone National Park

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Upper Yellowstone Falls
The upper falls is 33 m high. The brink of the upper falls marks the junction between a hard rhyolite lava flow
and weaker glassy lava that has been more heavily eroded.
Lower Yellowstone Falls
The lower falls is 94 m high. It is almost two times higher than Niagara. It is still the largest volume major
waterfall in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. The volume of water flowing over the falls can vary,
from 240m3 at peak, decreasing to 19m3 in the fall.

(L) A picture of the river above the Upper Falls (R) Upper Falls, Yellowstone National Park

A guide map of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

(L) A guide map of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
(R) A swift current of the Upper Falls, Yellowstone National Park

A great water stream was seen from the point of Brink of Upper Falls of Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park.

A huge amount of water is flowing down at the upper falls, Yellowstone National Park.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

(L) Artist Pont guide plate
(R) Lower Falls, Yellowstone National Park* This was photographed in 1962 by Dr. Junhaku Miayamoto.

A view to the west from Artist Point along the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River The lower fall is in the back.

(L) Red Rock trail is the place to see the lower fall much closer.(R) A squirrel in Yellowstone National Park

Red Rock Point is before the lower falls.

(L) Canyon Visitor Education Center, Yellowstone National Park
(R) Cascade Lodge at Canyon Village, Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Lodge: It was snowing at times in the mid-June 2012.

Cascade Lodge and Cafeteria at Canyon Village in the morning, Yellowstone National Park

Mount Washburn

Mount Washburn is 3,116 m high, and the southern trail to Mt. Washburn begins at Dunraven Pass parking area.

(L) A wide view from a trail to Mount Washburn (R) A squirrel beside a mountain trail

Mount Washburn trail

(L) Mount Washburn trail Dunraven Pass parking area is with an altitude gain of 424 m in 4.8 km,
We abandoned to go up to the summit because of a deep deposited snow on the trail.
(R) The summit of Mount Washburn

A sheep on the Mount Washburn slope: These pictures were taken by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto, in July

A marmot was observed on the rock along the way to Mount Washburn.

(L) A chipmunk at Mount Washburn (R) Grand Loop Road, Yellowstone national Park at Mount Washburn area

Tower Falls

Tower Fall is a waterfall on Tower Creek in the northeastern region of Yellowstone National Park. It is located
at 910 m upstream from the Creek's confluence with the Yellowstone River. The fall plunges 40 m. Its name
comes from the rock pinnacles at the top of the fall.

Tower Fall, Yellowstone National Park

You can see a group of mountain goats at the top of rock, just above the Tower Fall:
The right upper corner of the above left photograph.
The writer is very thankful to a young lady who handed a telescope to me to observe the details at this time.

Yellowstone River

玄武岩 Columnar basalt, near Tower Falls, runs alongside of Grand Loop Road.

Columnar basalt flows in Yellowstone National Park

(L) Grizzly bear was sitting beside the driver's seat of a self-owned car:
This was photographed in summer
1962, by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto.
(R) Black bears ask for bait at a visitor's car: This scene was often observed in the 1960s.
Caution: A husband and wife's back country-hike along a popular trail turned tragic,
when they stumbled upon a grizzly bear and her cubs.
A man was mauled to death, at the Wapiti Lake Trail in Yellowstone National Park, in July 2011.

American black bear

(L) American black bear (R) Wild rabbit

(L) A reintroduced gray wolf after 1995 in Yellowstone National Park
(R) A wolf at Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park: photo by Mike Cline in August 2011.

A bison and elk, we observed along the Grand Loop Road, Yellowstone National Park.

A bison in the riverside of the Grand Loop Road, Yellowstone National Park:
The right photograph showes that a bison is doing a dust bathing.

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手付かずの巨大温帯生態系の一つであるイエローストーン圏生態系(Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem) の

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Miami smoking ban
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
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