The United States federal government under various jurisdictions both civilian and military owns
about 86% of the state's land. Total population in Nevada is estimated 2.6 million and the 85% of
residents in the state live in the metropolitan areas of Las Vegas and Reno. The state is well known
for its easy marriage and divorce proceedings, entertainment and legalized gambling. Resort areas
of Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Laughlin attract visitors from around the nation and world.

Sunrise over Reno, Nevada

(L) Lake Tahoe in winter (M) South shore of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Nevada
(R) Mt. Charleston, the highest mountain in southern Nevada, 56 kms northwest of Las Vegas

Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act prohibited smoking tobacco in any form in the places,which locate in
the buildings, where a person is employed. This law is already, in effect, since December 2006.

The smoking ban applies to the following areas:
(1) the school buildings and on school grounds; child care facilities with five or more children.
(2) all areas of grocery stores, convenience stores and drug stores
(3) all indoor areas within restaurants, including those in casinos or gaming establishments
(4) the bars, taverns and saloons that serve food; shopping malls and retail establishments; video arcades;
government buildings and public places,and movie theaters

The Act states that smoking is permitted in: areas within casinos where loitering by minors is already
prohibited by state law, stand-alone bars, taverns and saloons that do not serve food, strip clubs and
brothels; retail tobacco stores and private residences.

Map Source: University of Texas Libraries (R) A highway crossing Nevada's desert

Las Vegas ( Picture source:Wikipedia)



(L) Nevada's desert (R) Hoover Dam
( Picture source:Wikipedia)


Total Smoking Ban in USA

smorking ban New Jersey  New Jersey
smorking ban Illinois USA Illinois
smorking ban California USA California
smorking ban Beverly Hills California Beverly Hills, California 
smorking ban condominium Condominium of California
smorking ban Washington state State of Washington
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smorking ban Montana USA Montana
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