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Smoking ban in France, Germany and Switzerland

Smoking ban in France, Germany and Switzerland

Tobacco advertisement appeared in the underground free passage from Monaco's station to the downtown and yacht harbour.
No other tobacco ad was observed in Monaco. Was this tunnel built by a donation of the tobacco company?

A Terminal-5 building of Healthrow airport opened in 2008. No smoking is allowed inside and outside building.

As of November 2008, in Monaco, smoking is not allowed in enclosed or covered public spaces and
places where food or flammable goods are stored. Designated smoking areas are allowed except in
educational institutions and places open to athletes and minors. These designated smoking areas may
not offer any service, in an effort to prevent exposure to smoke by workers.

England's smoking ban took effect since July 2007. The new law is intended to cut deaths from
second-hand smoke. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have been similar bans in place.
Doctors estimate second-hand smoke kills more than 600 people a year. It may help smokers to quit,
and discourage children from taking up the habit.

There are no-smoking facilities anywhere in the terminal building in the Airport Healthrow.
People caught illegally smoking could be fined up to 200 pounds.

(L) No-smoking signs of a glass wall of an overpass corridor
(R) A sign plate at La Hospital Saint-Louis in Paris

A young woman and obese man smoking at the narrow street of souvenir shops to the Mont Saint-Michel's abbey

(L) A sign board that prohibits smoking in the train of SNCF (R) Station staff was smoking outside their office at Marseille railway station.

A train passenger was smoking on the plateform, during a short stop at Mannheim station.

(L) Passengers smoking outside the station building, at Marseille
(M) Smokers are talking with tobacco in their hands outside of the Strasbourg station.
(R) Smoking on sitting in the plaza of Alexanderplatz station, Berlin

The Martinstor, one of the original city gates, Freiburg and a smoker

Smokers in cities of Freiburg and Basal and in a designated smoking area of Berlin-Friedrichstrasse station

(L) This picture shows a Strasbourg tram and a man smoking inside the train,
who used the tramcar for the duration of one stop, without buying a ticket.
(R) An automatic vending machine for tobacco sale, observed in Berlin Tegel International Airport.
The price of Malboro and Lucky Strike is 5 Euros per pack.
You first put the number of tobacco goods, and insert a credit card or put a coin in order to buy.

Smoking is allowed in a bar in Basel. Smokers. The sign plate was observed in the business town of Basal, Switzerland.

A widespread ban has been into force in France on smoking in workplaces since February 2007.
People lighting up in airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, bars and
offices will face fines.

In Berlin, Germany, the non-smoking law came into effect on 1 January 2007. In practice,
the smoking ban is generally observed in cafes, theatres and restaurants (where food is served),
but not in bars.

In August 2007, the states of Barden-Wuerttemberg and Lower Saxony banned smoking in
restaurants, bars and clubs. In October 2007 Hesse also passed a law with similar regulations.
Most of the other German states followed in January 2008; however, many of these ban still
allowed smoking in separate ventilated rooms. Smoking is banned on public transport, hospitals,
airports and in public and federal buildings, including the parliament.

In Switzerland, the restriction of smoking in a public space is regulated by the Canton, not nationally.
Geneva introduced a stricter ban, which includes bars and restaurants. On the other, Zurich has
only outlawed smoking in public buildings. In 2008, Basel Stadt has voted to ban smoking in all
restaurants and public places in the city. The writer could not find the exact time, when it starts
to enforce. However, in May 2011, it seems to be clear that total smoking ban is applied to all
restaurants, but not bars.

Smoking ban in the railway trains of the world

Smoking Status in Germany 2013
Switzerland Smoking Status in Switzerland 2013
France to Ban Smoking in Restaurants and Bars
Belgium expands smoking ban to all cafes, casinos.
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