Strasbourg, France


Strasbourg is located in the northeastern France and is the official seat of the European Parliament.
The city is close enough to Germany to have a Germanic name. In 2006, the metropolitan area
had 638,000 inhabitants, the ninth largest in France.

Due to increasing traffic and pollution, the City of Strasbourg decided in the 1990s to build a new, modern
tram system. Its goal was to pedestrianize and revitalize the city centre. Major roads were closed to
automobile traffic, and stop parking in the downtown, and replaced by park-and-ride lots in the suburbs.
The Strasbourg tram system consists of six lines, A, B, C, D, E and F. Lines.

The policy of the implementation of the Strasbourg tram system is an outstanding example
of good practice for the following reasons:

  • Integrating transport planning and urban development;
  • increase in the number of public transport passengers;
  • reduction of through traffic in the city centre;
  • innovative rolling stock;
  • additional impact on other environmentally compatible means of transport.

Strasbourg tram and a route map
Tram stop, Alt Winmarik and Homme de Fer

Interior of Strasbourg tram and a ticket validator
All tickets must be stamped for validation before boarding the tram.

Strasbourg tram is passing through the narrow street and run on a wide lawn field.
It is very convenient for a city traffic and tram passengers to enjoy an outside scene through the clean wide window.

(L) Underground tram station of Gare Centrale Strasbourg
(R) A tramway crossing the Ill River in Strasbourg

(L) Interior and passengers of Strasbourg tram
(R) The entrance to the underground tram station of Strasbourg

Gare de Strasbourg

(L) Gare de Strasbourg
(R) Hoenhaim tram terminal. A large free parking lot and SNCF railway platforms are at the next door.

Tickets of Tram and Bus

Single-ticket: 1.30 Euro, valid for one single journey with or without a connection.
24hour-ticket: 3.50 Euro. Ticket valid for one person entitling them to use the bus and tram
for 24 hours, the unlimited number of journeys.
24hour-ticket: 4.80 Ticket valid for two to three people entitling them to use the bus and tram
for 24 hours, the unlimited number of journeys.
You can get the ticket at automatic machines at tram stations.

(L) River Ill and a cruising boat (M) Interior of Strasbourg tram (R) Police officers are moving using a bicycle.

(L) Strasburg tram (R) Saint Paul's church

(L) An old house stands beside the Ill River. (R) St. Thomas's church

(L) Mansion in the Petit France district (R) Strasboug Cathedral

La Petit France

La Petit France

An elegant restaurant and old houses in the Petit France district

Strasbourg's historic city centre, the Grand Island, was classified a World Heritage site in 1988. Strasbourg
is fused into the Franco-German culture and although violently disputed throughout history, has been a
bridge of unity between France and Germany for centuries.Economically, Strasbourg is an important centre
of manufacturing and engineering, as well as of road, rail, and river communications.

(L) Ibis Strasbourg Centre Ponts Couverts (R) Holiday Inn Strasbourg City Centre

Hotel Mercure Strasbourg Gare Centrale has 68 guest rooms. The numbers of smoking rooms are 15, which are located
on the 4th floor. Non-smoking rooms are 53, which is located on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th floor. The percentage of
smoking rooms is
22% of the total.
Hotel Mercure Strasbourg Quarter Saint Jean, which is close to the SNCF train station and Petite France quarter.
This hotel has 61rooms/
all are non-smoking.
Hotel Ibis Strasbourg Centre Halls can be accessed by 5-minute ride by tram, and is located near the River.
It has a total of 97 rooms. Smoking rooms are 12, consisting ofthe ratio of
12.4% of the total.
Hotel Novotel Strasbourg Centre Halles has a total of 96 guest rooms, of which 13 are smoking room.
The percentage to the total is
Ibis Strasbourg Centre Ponts Couverts, which located on the banks of the Ill river, has the 60 smoking rooms, vs
the non-smoking rooms 184, with together 244. The percentage of smoking rooms is 24.6% of the total.

Hotel Ibis Strasbourg Centre Petite France is located in the Petide France district and the cathedral.
The total number of guest rooms is 98/all non-smoking.
Le Grand Hotel, in front of the Strasbourg train station has 83 rooms/
all non-smoking.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Two nests of a stork are seen on the top of a chimney in the house of Parc de I'Orangerie.

Strasbourg is the seat of several European institutions, such as the Council of Europe, as well as the European
Parliament and the European Ombudsman of the European Union.

(L) Parc de I'Orangerie (R) Palais de L'Europe

European Parliament

(L) Droits de I'homme tram station and European Parliament building. (R) Agora, European Union

All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.


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Smoking restrictions in France, Germany and Switzerland

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