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British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada and is famed for its natural beauty. The capital of British
Columbia is Victoria. The largest city is Vancouver, the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada.


Cheakamus Lake in the Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia
We climbed up and down for a half day on the mountain route to Cheakamus Lake. The trail
rolls up and down, but it is relatively flat. The first time to hike to the lake was in the summer of 1974.
It was a very unforgettable memory for me, and I once again tried to walk on the same trail route,
37 years after. This photograph was taken in June 2011.

Vancouver is a coastal city of British Columbia and ranks the third largest in the country. It had a population of
about 580,000 and its Metropolitan Area exceed 2.1 million people based on the 2006 census. Because of its
location on the Pacific Rim and the western terminus of the transcontinental highway and rail routes of Canada,
Vancouver is one of the nation's largest industrial centres.

Vancouver downtown viewed from Stanley Park.

(L) The Vancouver Art Gallery (R) BC Place Stadium

(L) Vancouver's SkyTrain is an urban rapid transit system in Metro Vancouver. It uses fully automated trains
running mostly elevated tracks. The Canada Line, opened in 2009, that connects Vancouver International Airport.
(R) Hastings Street, Vancouver

BC takes steps to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke.

British Columbia is taking steps to reduce the health effects of tobacco use through new regulations that
restrict the promotion and sale of tobacco products, as well as a ban on smoking in all indoor public spaces
and workplaces.
The new regulations fall under the Tobacco Control Act and took effect in March 2008. The new tobacco
regulations will ban smoking in all indoor public spaces and work places. Smoking within three meters of
public and workplace doorways, open windows or air intakes;
Tobacco sales in public buildings, including: hospitals and health facilities, universities and colleges, athletic
and recreational facilities, and provincial government buildings. Display of tobacco products in all places
where tobacco is sold that are accessible to youth under 19; and Tobacco ads that hang from the ceiling,
countertop tobacco displays, self-serve tobacco displays and outdoor tobacco signs.
Source: Nov. 27, 2007 NEWS RELEASE Ministry of Health British Columbia Government

(L) The Empress Hotel in the capital of B.C. Victoria Photographed in August 1974
(R) A 1970's residence in Richmond, B.C.

(L) A morning mist in the Vancouver Island, B.C. Photographed in August 1974.
(R) Mt. Rosseau photographed from the summit of Mt. Septimus, Vancouver Island, B.C.

The photographs show Trans-Canadian Highway, Route 1. A well-paved highway is surrounding by so beautiful
mountain scenery. This 8,030 km-long, main west-east highway links the cities, park and island of Canada.
It passes through the Victoria, Vancouver, Banff National Park, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal,
Quebec City, Fredericton, and it reaches to St.Jhon's in Newfoundland.
Photographs were taken in September

Total Smoking Ban in Canada

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 North Vancouver

Smoking ban in British Columbia and Alberta 2011

British Columbia Alberta  Trip to Canada 2011 Vancouver North Vancouver Whistler
Skytrain VIA train Jasper Icefield and Bow Summit Emerald Lake Lake Louise
Banff Calgary Edmonton Hospitals in BC and Alberta Tobacco control in B.C. and Alberta 2011
Ontario 2010 Quebec 2007

しかし、ここは豊か大自然に恵まれ、太平洋とロッキー山脈に挟まれた、空気のきれいな, とても美しい


とDr.Perry Kendall は述べている。


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The article was written in September 2008, revised in November 2009 and July 2011,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.


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