Ferry between Sweden and Denmark

Ferries connecting the Danish and Swedish coast run around the clock, and it takes only 20 minutes. A ticket of ferry
between Helsingor and Helsingborg costs about 39 Euros by car. Departure: almost every 20 minutes in a daytime.

(L) A campaign poster of Helsingor-Helsingborg Scandlines. (R) A ferry boat departing Helsingor pier.

Entering to Sweden from Helsingborg pier. A custom officer just blinked at my car.

スウェーデンとデンマークとを結ぶ主要なルートは、 Helsingor とHelsingborg との間を連絡していたフェリーであった。
しかし、2000年にマルメとコペンハーゲンを繋ぐ大橋とトンネル( Oresund Connection )の開通で、鉄道車両をも

Stena line

The Swedish company, Stena line is one of the world's largest ferry, and operates between Gothenburg, Sweden and
Fredrikshavn, Denmark. The time to cross the sea is 2hours by the express ferry. Others take 3 hours and 15 minutes.

A ferry boat of Stena Line, we used.

A ferry boat leaving Gothenburg pier, without any sound.

The ferry boat passed through Hisingsleden Bridge. Beyond that, there is Skagerrak strait of North Sea.

Many people enjoying their holiday in a ferry boat for Fredrikshavn, Denmark

There are many restaurants in the ferry boat.

(L) Tax free wine and whisky sold in a ferry between Sweden and Denmark
(R) The ferry boat put into Frederikshavn pier, the northern end of Jylland peninsula.
A wind power generator plant near the Frederikshavn pier,

スェーデン、Gothenburg(ヨーテボリ)からデンマーク、ユトランド半島(Jutland Peninsula )北端の町、ユトランド半島突端の
Frederikshavn(フレデリクスハウン)までフェリーボートで移動する。所要時間はExpress (7:30発)で2時間、他の3便は
免税品を販売している。ただ、空港などの免税店でよく見かける No-Tax タバコは売っていない。

Smoking Banl in Finland
Smoking Ban in Iceland
Smoking Ban in restaurants and bars in Sweden
Smoking ban in Denmark

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