Lake Tekapo and Lake Te Anau

Magnificent nature, soundless silence and fresh, delicious air

(L) Lake Tekapo which lacates 227 km from Christchurch and 256 km from Queenstown
(R) Church of the Good Shepherd,

The Kea is a large species of Parrot lives in forested alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand.
(L) A kea stature in the rotary of the center of Te Anau. Fiordland National Park, NZ
(R) A lakeside of the Lake Te Anau.
(L) The outside passage of Te Anau Hotel and Villas, Te Anau, NZ.
(R) A smoke-free sign plate attached on the entrance door the Hotel.
(L) No-smoking sign inserted in the picture frame of giant panda at the China City Restaurant, Te Anau, NZ.

(L) The Romney sheep is originated in England and economically important in a wool export of New Zealand.
(R) New Zealand's mountain parrot, the Kea. The endemic flightless kiwi is a national icon.
(L) The front view of Dunedin railway station. It looks like a palace.
(R) A sightseeing train at the platform of the Dunedin station.
(L) A 'smoke-free inside' sign plate at the side entrance of the Mercure Dunedin Leisure Lodge, NZ.
This warning notice was issued by the Ministry of Health ,New Zealand.
(R) The first item we can see is the request plate stating 'Thank you for not smoking'.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey

The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Kea in South Island: Franz Josef Glacier and the kea in the South Island of New Zealand
This video clip was released in November 2013.




ダニーデンで宿泊したホテルはいくつかのセクションに分かれていたが、それぞれの通用口には「Smokefree Inside」
との標識が貼られていた。部屋に入ると「Thank you not smoking 」と記されたカードスタンドが置かれていた。
ここ Mercure Leisure Lodgeでは屋外に喫煙所らしきところは見あたらなかった。

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Lake Tekapo, Lake Te Anau and Dunedin railway station
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and revised in October 2009, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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