Smoking Ban in Spain

Incomplete Smoking Restriction in Spain

In January 2006, Spanish law banned smoking in offices, shops, schools, hospitals, cultural centres and on public
transport, including stations and airports. The law also stated that restaurants and bars over 100 square M can
designate a smoking area, but that it has to be physically separated and may occupy at most 30% of the total floor
space of the establishment. Establishments smaller than 100 sq.m. could choose whether to allow or to prohibit

However, soon later, the Community of Madrid established an illegal decree which states that restaurants over
100 square M are not required to make the complete physical separation of the smoking and non-smoking areas.
In January 2009, the High Court in Madrid overturned this decree. Even though, the regional government
presided by the conservative politician, E Aguirre, had not yet taken measures to enforce the law. The Spanish
non-smoking party, PNF announcedthat the Madrid region has failed to implement a satisfactory regime of
inspections and the vast majority of bars and restaurants flout the law. The PNF has so far reported more than
2.500 bars and restaurants for failing to comply with the law.
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A sign plate shows a fine of 40 and 30.05 Euros for traveling without a valid ticket and smoking inside trains, respectively.
This photograph was taken at a Barocelona subway train in May 2010.
(L)(M) A sign board shows that no-more-smoking beyond this point, at a Barcelona subway station and
at Funicular de Montjuic station.
(R) A standard sign plate in Metro station at Barcelona

(L) A ticket bending machine and ticket office at the Barcelona Sants Railway station
(R) No-smoking sign board at Paral-lel station, Barcelona

(L) Many people are always smoking near the entrance to the Barcelona Sants railway station.
(R) No-smoking sign displayed in the corridor between Renfe Aeroport railway station and Bercelona airport terminals.

Barcelona international airport and no-smoking sign at the entrance door

(L) A Cornella Renfe railway station, Barcelona
(R) A small station cafe attached to the railway station. No-smoking sign is displayed at the entrance.

(L) An automatic bending machine for tobacco sale placed in the station cafe at Cornella, Barcelona.
(M) An ashtray is provided on each table
(R) Two are smoking under the stairway to the subway station at Cornella Centre.

(L) No-smoking sign plate attached near the train window of Renfe, between downtown and airport of Barcelona.
(M) An automatic bending machine for tobacco sale in the cafe-bar of Segovia, Spain
(R) This restaurant-bar in Barcelona provides a smoking space. It says that the rest of space, smoking is prohibited.

(L) The sign plate shows that smoking is allowed in this space. The sign next may be the meaning of that, please shut the door.
Photographed in Barcelona.
(R) A bus driver was smoking while waiting for the time of departure.

(L) A client is smoking in a cafe/bar at town of Segovia, Spain (R) An automatic bending machine for a tobacco, photographed at Segovia

A Renfe reservation ticket issued in May 2010. Please note that there is two 'smoking-seat' sign on the ticket.
The writer strongly protested against the smoking train mark.
However, it became clear that the railway company had not changed PC software
after the law of smoking ban on all Spanish trains came into in force in January 2006!

The photographs show the Hospital de Barcelona and an ashtray stand near by the hospital entrance.
No smoking restriction is enforced there.

(L) A cigar shop in Barcelona (M)(R) A display-stand for cigarettes and tobacco products
The price of 20 Malboro cigarette is 3.60, Winston 3.15, and Camel 3.30 Euros.

'Al Capone' sweet filter cognac dipped, pack of 10 cigarettes, sold in Spain
Health warning: (L) Protect children. Do not children breathe tobacco-smoke (R) Smoking can kill the human.

(L) Hotel Jardin de Recoletos, Madrid (M) Westin Palace Madrid (R) Hilton Madrid Airport

(L) Barcelo Hotel Sants hotel and Barcelona Sants railway station (R) Hotel Torre Catalunya, Barcelona

Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Spain

Hilton Madrid Airport Hotel has 284 total guest rooms. Of these, 49 (
17%) are smoking rooms. All bars and restaurants are
The total number of guest rooms of Westin Palace Madrid is 468. There are 58 (
12%) smoking guest rooms. No smoking booth
is inside. Bars and restaurants are smoke-free.
Hotel Ritz Madrid has total 170 guest rooms. Of these, about 60% are non-smoking, versus,
40% are smoking guest rooms.
The hotel did not disclose the exact number of smoking rooms. The restaurants of Ritz prohibit smoking, but in bars, smoking
is allowed. Hotel Jardin de Recoletos, Madrid provides 12 smoking rooms of 43 total rooms. The percentage is
28%. Here,
smoking allowed in the bar. In the restaurant, smoking is prohibited in breakfast. However, it is allowed in lunch and evening
meal hours.

Barcelo Sants, Barcelona has total guest rooms of 377. The number of smoking rooms is 108
(29%). Bars and restaurants in
this hotel are smoke-free.
Hotel Torre Catalunya located in front of the Barcelona Sants station, provides smoking guest rooms are 41(
15%), of the total
272 rooms. Smoking is banned in a hotel restaurant and bar.
Husa Oriente known as one of the classic hotels in Barcelona has total 147 guest rooms/
all are smoke-free. The only place
to smoke inside is the bar.
Hilton Barcelona Hotel has a total of 289 guest rooms. Smoking rooms are located on the second floor of the building and
(15%) in a number. A lady who showed me a hotel facility told me that 'all' Japanese guests requested a smoking room
in Barcelona Hilton. No smoking is allowed in restaurants and bars in Hilton.

Smokers get off sidewalks go inside Spain has enforced a total smoking ban in restaurants and bars in January 2011.
Hotels will be allowed to set aside 30 per cent of rooms for smokers.

Japan high speed railways Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Tokyo
Thailand  Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Bangkok
Hong Kong Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Hong Kong
Canada smoking ban  Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Vancouver
United States Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Seattle
United States  Smoking-room ratio in hotels at San Francisco
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 Smoking-room rate of hotels in Austria
 Smoking-room rate of hotels in Germany
Switzerland  Smoking-room rate of hotels in Switzerland

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Smoking booth and a health warning on tobacco use at the Madrid airport

(L) This photo shows the smoking room in the Terminal 1 of Madrid international airport.
Please note that there is no door in this room and toxic tobacco-smoke may flow out to the space of the airport terminal.
(R) The sign board campaigning using the smoking booth, placed in the airport corridor

(L) The car porch of the Madrid-Barajas airport (R) No-smoking sign board at the entrance to the departure terminal

Smoking restriction of the world airports

The price of Marlboro is 3.6 Euros at a cafe/bar or at a tobacco shop in Spain.
The duty-free shop in Madrid International Airport sells Marlboro to air passengers
for the European Union destinations at 41.40 Euros, and for passengers to the non-european destinations at 32.40 Euros.

(L) The budget deficit of Spain 2009 was 1.112 hundred billion Euros, 11.2% of GDP,
and in Greece it was 323 hundred billion Euros, 13.6% of GDP.
(M) The market is suspicious about the bank asset is decreasing related to the collapsed real estate boom.
(R) Spain had its unemployment rate near 20 %, with a lot of people lost their jobs.
Source: NHK TV, June 9, 2010

To improve the present confusing status of smoking restriction in the eating business,a new, stricter law has
been already announced by the government. Smoking will be banned in every indoor public place, including
bars, clubs and restaurants before the end of 2010.However, the Spanish financial crisis, which was generated
by long term loans, canpossibly affect on the Government's enforcement of the new strict smoking ban.

あった。第二の都市、バロセロナのホテルではHusa Oriente Hotel が全館禁煙であった。マドリット、バロセロナ共に、



 Introduction of Spain: The first Spain's law to restrict smoking enforced in 2006.
 Spain enforced a total smoking ban in indoor public space in 2011.

Spain 2006-2011
Madrid tour Segovia High-speed train in Spain Barcelona metro and railway Gaudi's masterpiece
Barcelona tour Smoking ban in Spain in 2010  Spain poised for tough no-smoking law.


A trip to inspect the smoking ban in Spain 2010
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Spain poised for tough no-smoking law.
A man removes a sign saying that smoking is allowed in a bar in Pamploma, Spain, 2 January 2011

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