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Commission calls for Smoke Free Europe by 2012.

The European Commission adopted in June 2009, after extensive consultation, a proposal for
Council- Recommendation calling on all Member States to bring in laws to protect their citizens from
exposure to tobacco-smoke by 2012. Tobacco remains the largest single cause of premature death and
disease in the European Union. According to conservative estimates, 79,000 adults, including
19,000 non-smokers, died in the EU-25 in 2002, due to exposure to tobacco smoke at home (72,000 )
and in their workplace (7,300).

UK and Ireland have the strictest smoking prohibited provisions with a complete ban on smoking in
enclosed public places, on public transport and in work-places. A recent Eurobarometer poll suggests
that popularity is mounting for non-smoking policies with 84% of Europeans supporting smoke-free offices
and other indoor workplaces; 77% in restaurants, and 61% in bars and pubs.

Attitudes of Europeans towards tobacco

 Give support to complete ban on smoking in a restaurant
A respondent fully supports + rather supports to ban = total percentage.

1  Malta    84+9= 93%
2   Ireland    79+14=
3  Italy    70+20=
4  Sweden  78+11=
5  UK     70+14=
6  Belgium
7  France     57+21=78
8  Finland   50+28=78
9  Spain     48+22=
10  Germany  47+22=69
11  Holland     44+22=66
12 Denmark   37+27=64

 Give support to complete ban on smoking in a bar
A respondent fully supports + rather supports to ban = total percentage.

1  Italy      69+19=88
2   Ireland    71+11=82%
3  Sweden   64+18=82%

4  Malta    64+17=81%
5  Finland    41+33=
6  UK    43+24=67%
7  Spain    42+20=
8  France   38+21=59%
9  Belgium  31+25=56%
10 Denmark  23+25=
11 Germany   25+21=46%
12  Holland   23+23=

Source: :ec.europa.eu/health(2006)

The European Union's 27 member states are being urged to do more
to turn Europe into a smoke-free zone.

BBC graphic

Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou raised the prospect of EU-wide legislation to achieve this goal,
as he launched a public debate in Brussels. Officials say passive smoking kills 79,000 Europeans per annum,
which is about one in nine of all tobacco-related deaths. Ireland was the first EU country to ban smoking in
all indoor public spaces, and the UK will follow suit 2007. Some other EU countries have introduced partial
bans, which allow smoking rooms in bars and restaurants. A poll published 2006 suggested that smoking bans
were popular in countries where they had been introduced. Overall, more than 80% of respondents across
the EU said they favoured a ban in all public indoor spaces - though the figure dropped to 61% when
respondents were asked specifically if they supported a ban in bars.
Source: BBC News 30.1.2007

or a smoke-free Europe

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Sheraton and Marriott Hotel Chains ban smoking

Choice becomes first Scandinavian smokefree Hotel Chain

Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Berlin in 2011
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels at Nice in 2011
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Austria
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Germany
 Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Switzerland
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Moscow, Russia 2014
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Saint Pertersburg, Russia 2014
australia Smoking Restriction in Australia 2014
Norway Smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway 2015

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english index tobacco control Pictorial warning of smoking hazard photographs

Japanese Government is to promote a policy of the opposite.
In 2013, Department of Health, Labor and Welfare announced to assist an establishment of
indoor smoking room
in restaurant and hotels, and will increase the financial support rate
from the present 25% to
50% of the whole construction fee.

Smoking should be banned in all public spaces

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著作: 禁煙席ネット主宰 日本タバコフリー学会顧問 医学博士 宮本順伯
The article was reported in June 2007, and revised in August 2009, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.


Smoking Ban in European Countries
 Italy  Malta   Ireland    North Ireland   UK   Germany   Switzerland 
 France   Holland  Portugal   Spain   Norway  Sweden  Denmark  
 Iceland   Finland

Special Note:
 Two South Kuril and two islands off Hokkaido are the own land of Japan.
 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Domestic travel in Japan
 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

www. smokefree.jpn.com

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Smoke-free rental condominium in Tokyo (PR)
Junhaku Miyamoto

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