High-speed train in China


High-speed train yard

High-speed rail has developed rapidly in China over the past 15 years with substantial funding from the
Chinese government, especially the economic stimulus program during the Great Recession. The removal
of Railway Minister, Liu Zhijun for corruption and a fatal railway accident near Wenzhou in 2011 raised
concerns about safety as well as affordability, financial sustainability and environmental impact. China's early
high-speed trains were imported or built under technology transfer agreements with foreign train-makers,
including Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier and Kawasaki Heavy Industrie. Following the initial technological
transfer is over, Chinese engineers have re-designed internal train components and built indigenous trains
manufactured by the state-owned CRRC Corporation
, the world largest railroad-car company.
The HSR building boom continues with the HSR network set to reach 38,000 km in 2025.

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A ticket of the high-speed train to Nanjing

(L) A car porch to the Beijing train station (R) A business-class lounge at Beijing station

A high-speed train is waiting for departure.

(L) A platform of Beijing station (M) An electric destination display (R) A railway track continues all main areas of China.

A business-class vehicle and seats: Maximum capacity is sixteen passengers.

A space of the business-class vehicle is wide. Female train attendant serves drinks and snack cookies.

(L) A passenger can watch a scene of high-raised apartment houses through a car window.
(R) A special lunch served for passengers of the business-class vehicle.

(L) A special lunch served for passengers of the business-class vehicle.(R) Multiple pagoda seen from the train window

(L) High-rase buildings in Jinan: Most of them are residence.(R) Hilly areas dotted in the plains.

(L) Double-deck raiiway track (M) Second-class seats consist of 2 plus 3 in one lane. (R) Business-class seats in a compartment

(L) Business-class seats viewed from a backside (R) A cafeteria vehicle of the high-speed train

(L) A cultivated land with rich green (M) A river and a bridge, decorated with red color (R) Frist-class seats of a high-speed train

(L) Business-class seats: The present train speed is 305 Km/H, which is shown in the electric bulltin board.
(R) The board shows that temperature outside is 31℃.

High-raise apartment buildings near Nanjing

A high-speed train is arriving at Nanjing station

(L) Automatic ticket gate (R) A ticket of the high-speed train to Shanghai

(L) The front view of Nanjing station
(R) A security check point before riding the train at the Nanjing station: All passengers have to show ID (passport ) and the ticket.

(L) A train passenger goes up to the departure lobby of Nanjing station
(R) A departure lobby of the Nanjing South Railway Station

(L) Business-class lounge at Nanjing station (M) Inside of the lounge (R) An escalator to the platform

(L) A high-speed train is entering to the Nanjing station. (R) A female train attendant is distributing drinks and snack candy.

(L) Packed meal and soup were delivered to the business-class car seat.
(R) Zhenjiang building and train station

(L) Train runs along the Yangtze riverside.(M) Police officer looks around inside of a car.
(R) Through a car window, we enjoy a lush scene spreads out.

A rail yard of the high-speed trains near Shanghai

(L) A train is approaching to Shanghai (R) A rail yard of the high-speed trains near Shanghai

(L) Th train is entering to Shanghai Railway Termainal. (M) Electric bulletin board showed we are arriving at Shanghai Terminal.
(R) Platform of Shanghai station

Shanghai Termanal Station

青色:時速 300KM/H 可能鉄路  緑色:時速 200-299 KM?H 鉄路 地図原作:by Howchou



Wenzhou Train Collision
2011年温収支鉄道衝突脱線事故( Wikipedia )



High-speed-train ride between Beijing and Shanghai

Harsher punishment for smoking on high-speed trains

China Railway Corporation, the nation's railway operator, in August 2016, issued new rules further to tighten
up the smoking ban on trains, saying that any passengers who are caught twice violating the ban will be
forbidden to purchase any high-speed train tickets across China.A violator of the no-smoking rule may be
fined up to 2,000 yuan ($300).

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