Beijing public smoking ban begun in 2015.

China capital to roll out tough anti-smoking laws

Beijing will ban smoking in restaurants, offices and on public transport from June 1, 2015, part of
unprecedented new curbs welcomed by anti-tobacco advocates, though how they will be enforced
remains to be seen.Health activists have pushed for years for stronger restrictions on smoking in
China, the world's largest tobacco consumer, which is considering further anti-smoking curbs
nationwide. Under the rules, anyone in China's capital who violates the bans, which include smoking
near schools and hospitals, must pay 200 yuan ($32.25).
The current fine, seldom enforced, is just 10 yuan ($1.60).
Source: Reuter, May 31, 2015

Tiananmen, A national symbol of China

Public smoking in China's capital, Beijing, is now banned after the introduction of a new law.

China has over 300 million smokers and more than a million Chinese dies from smoking-related illnesses
every year.Smoking bans already existed in China, but have largely failed to crack down on the habit.
Tougher regulations wereenforced by thousands of inspectors, ban lighting up in restaurants, offices and
on public transport, in Beijing. On June 1, a hot-pot restaurant in Beijing became the first venue to receive
an official warning. Inspectors found cigarette butts inside the restaurant, which had also failed to promote
a smoking complaint hotline.

BBC news/world-asia June 1, 2015

Beijing rolls out China's toughest smoking ban...but will it work?

Picture source: NHK TV

A tough new ban on smoking indoors rolls out across the Chinese capital Monday, with lighting up now
prohibited in all offices, shopping malls, restaurants, bars、hotels and airports. Many outdoor public places
such as the areas' outside kindergartens and hospitals will also be required to be smoke-free. Businesses
and institutions that flout the law will face fines of up to 10,000 yuan; $1,600 and repeat offenders could
have their licenses revoked. Bernhard Schwartlander, the WHO representative in Beijing, says it's a "major
advance" in tobacco control in China, where more cigarettes are smoked than anywhere else in the world.

 CNN International Edition, Interesting stories reported by Katie Hunt.CNN, June 1.2015



@ ホテルは「公共エリア」とみなされ、室内は全面禁煙となる。「ホテル館内に喫煙可能エリアを設けてはいけない」
A 北京首都国際空港にある喫煙室も閉鎖される。

Source: Japan Times July 6, 2015他

Chinese passengers put a cigarette at the outside of smoking booth in Shanghai International Airport.

In 2017, 95 percent of the inspected places were operating in accordance with the smoking regulation, much higher
than the 77 percent in the middle of 2015. Medical institutions, schools and hotels had the best implementation.
Source: China Daily Com. January 14, , 2018

Smoking Ban in China

Difficulty in introducing a carpet smoking ban in China. Smoking declines as tobacco taxes increase
Smoking Ban in a restaurant looks hazy. Smoking Ban in a restaurant appears to fail.

Shanghai in 2013
Shanghai's Smoking Ban Smoking Ban in Restaurant looks hazy Smoking Ban in Restaurant appeared to fail.
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Shanghai public smoking ban begun in 2017


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