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Fleur de Chine Hotel, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake and Ci En Pagoda on the hill

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 is the largest body of water in Taiwan as well as a tourist attraction. Sun Moon Lake is home
to the Thao tribe, one of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan. The east side toward the lake resembles a sun while the west side
resembles a moon, hence the name. Several hydroelectric power plants have been built in the Sun Moon Lake since 1919,
including Mingtan Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant and the Station. When the first plant was finished in 1934,
it was considered to be one of the most important infrastructure constructions at that time.

However, due to the Japanese government plan to generate electricity using the lake, they built a dam and made
the water level raised up. After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, the government
spent money to develop the tourism industry of the lake area. The lake and its surrounding countryside have been
designated one of thirteen national scenic areas in Taiwan.


Sun Moon Lake and Ci En Pagoda on the hill
Fleur de Chine Hotel

Fleur De Chine Hotel is a stylish hotel located at the North Peninsula of Sun Moon Lake. It offers spacious accommodation
with a spa, an indoor water park. Guestrooms feature beautiful French windows and a private balcony, offering views over
the lake or the mountain. The en suite bathroom has a natural hot spring bathtub. Hotel Fleur De Chine is a one-hour
drive from Taichung High Speed Railway Station. Hotel provides a free shuttle bus for a hotel guest once a day. This property
provides one of the top-rated scenery along Sun Monn Lake. There is the
Mountain Mist Hot-Spring Japanese-style public bath
and an indoor water park on the first-floor recreation area. Total number of guest rooms is 211, and all smoke-free.

A shuttle bus picks up registered hotel guests at Taichung Station of THSR ( Taiwan High-Speed Rail )
Every reserved hotel guest can make check-in service at this shuttle bus.

(L) A shuttle bus runs the expressway-No.3, and enters district roads of No.16 and 21 to Sun Monn Lake.
(R) A reception desk of Fleur de Chine Hotel フロ−デシンホテル

(L) A lobby of the Hotel (R) A welcome message shown in the guest's native language

(L) Fleur de Chine Hotel and Sun Moon Lake (R) A twin-bedroom: All guest rooms are smoke-free according to the government policy.

A welcome fruit and the central-controlled switch panel

A work desk and bathroom

(L) A wide elevator hall (M) Smoking is prohibited in the entire building. No no-smoking signs are observed at any restaurant
(R) This is the only designated smoking area outside building.

A course Chinese dishes: Enumerating from left; appetizer, abalone, squid and whelk soup, Japanese seabass fritters, pumpkin and seafood soup, sweet sour spareribs and cooked vegetables

A buffet breakfast

(L) A fruit served (R) A special corner will provide drip coffee, Cafe au Lait, Iced tea, etc.upon request.

(L) Fleur de Chine Hotel seen from lakeside (R) A roof garden is filled with water.

(L) Hotel staff to see off in line for the guest departing from the hotel, riding on a shuttle bus
(R) A shuttle bus is approaching Taichung THSR station.

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Fleur de Chine Hotel

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Taipei Grand Hotel

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