Boston-North Station、Boston-South Station

South Station, Boston

South station is the largest train station and intercity bus terminal in Greater Boston. It is the northern
terminus of Amtrak's Acela Express trains and local trains. There is also a daily Amtrak train to Albany, N.Y.
with a connection to Chicago. There are subway train services of Red Line and Silver Line, with a direct
connection with all terminals of the Logan International Airport.

(L) A lobby of South Station, Boston. (R) A local train with a big diesel engine sound at the platform of South Station.

(L) Amtrak local train at South Station. (R)Amtrak Acela Express at South Station, Boston.

(L) A new Amtrak Acela Express for Washington,DC at the platform of South Station.
(R) A first class train of Acela Express.

(L) Business district in front of the South Station, Boston. (R) A local train at the platform of South Station.

Exterior South Station
(L) A double-deck Commuter Rail train at Back Bay Station.
(R) Passengers are taking their bicycles aboard a train at Porter Station, Boston. Porter Station is connected with a Boston Subway.

North Station, Boston

North Station in Boston is a major transportation hub in Massachusetts. It includes the terminus for Massachusetts
Bay Commuter Railroad and for Amtrak's train, Downeaster connected with Portland, Maine. North Station also
links with Boston's subway lines, Orange Line and Green Line.

(L) A lobby of North Station, Boston. (R) A local train at the platform of North Station.

Amtrak's Downeaster Maine train

Downeaster diesel power car

ボストン市内にはNorth station と South Staion との二つの鉄道ターミナルがある。Washington DC 行きAcela Express
Amtrak 始発駅は South Staion であり 長距離バスターミナル も併設され、米国各地からの便が多い。地下鉄 Red Line
およびローガン国際空港行き Silver Line バスはこの地下駅に乗り入れている。この駅と近郊地域とを結ぶ Comuter Rail
の発着も少なくいない。米国東北部のメイン州やニューハンプシャー州へ軌道をのばしている のが、Amtrak Downeaster
Train でNorth Staion から出発する。ホームに出るとジーゼルエンジンの轟音を響かせてDowneaster 機関車が待機している。
近づくと強風を伴った排気ガスを全身に浴びてしまう。大勢の乗客が待合ホールで乗車コールを待っていた。North Staion
はボストン地下鉄、Orange LineおよびGreen Lineと連絡している。

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