Voss Station is a railway station on the Bergen Line. It sits just off the European route E16 highway
on the northwestern shore of the Lake Vangsvatnet. The station was opened as the original terminal
station of the Voss Line in 1883. It is served by express trains to Bergen and Oslo.
Most commuter trains terminate at Voss, but up to seven per day continue to Myrdal.
The mean daily temperature of Voss ranges 13℃ to 14℃, during months of June to August.

(L) Norway's troll welcomes a train passenger. (M) Station building with atypical station clock
(R) A display of departure and arrival schedules

(L) A commuter train was waiting for the coming freight train (R) A smiling woman conductor

(L) A peaceful petting with a local person that is not seen in a big city. (R) Bergen-Oslo train runs on the single-track line.

(L) Lake Vangsvatnet (R) Voss Church, built in 1277.

(L) Voss Church (R) Historic Fleisher' Hotel stands in front of Voss railway-station.

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