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Miami Beach

Miami Beach

(L) The area ofSign surrounding by water is the city of Miami.
(R) Dulphin Expressway, 10-lane expressway. Most expressway near the Miami area has 5 lanes for each direction.

Key West is known as the southernmost city in the Continental United States. It is also the southern terminus
of U.S. 1 after the stating point in Maine. Key West is located in 207 km southwest of Miami, Florida.

For the writer, this is the third time to come to Florida. The first visit was made in April of 1962. After a long
distance car trip to this far south end of American continent from Chicago, we finally arrived at the road end
of the highway, US Route 1, which runs along the coast line of the North Atlantic Ocean. At that time, I was
so deeply impressed with the stop road sign placed at the road edge of Highway US 1. Beyond this point,
it is the sea of Gulf of Mexico. After about 50-year time, it still remains with my never forgotten memory.

(L) This picture shows a satellite picture of Key West.
(R) Map of Key West.

A wide highway traffic is provided in the area of Miami.

We drove directly from Miami airport to the hotel stands near the Miami Beach. The beach is very close after
we passed through the bridge of Julia Tuttle Causeway on the ten-lane expressway directed to the West.
The hotel we made a reservation is tasted as atmosphere of classic fashion.

A Mecca for the surfing lovers, Miami Beach.

(L) Young charming women in a swimming suit: This photograph was taken at the Miami Beach in April 1962.
They are now past seventy-five years of age.
(R) An orchid ( cattleya ) in the Cypress Gardens, Florida. Photographed in April

8-mm film video: 1962 Auto Trip from Virginia to Louisiana, mainly at Florida
8-mm film video: 1974 Auto Trip in Florida

A wooden promenade has been well developed along the sandy beach. Although the sunlight is strong in the
daytime, a walking at the time before sunset is so pleasant with a gentle sea breeze. Under a direct sunlight in
the daytime, a few people burn the skin on the sand beach. When I visited the same place in Miam in 1962,
we could see many beautiful bikini swimsuit women with the excitement of the feeling; however, we cannot
see such a thing now. What I saw at that time could be fantastic, only loneliness remained in the mind. The
number of tourists to Miamiis certainly decreased the number, compared with that of Hawaii.

(L) A long-continued sunny sand beach in Miami, Florida.
(R) A beach side hotel pool surrounded by the palm trees of the Palms South Beach Hotel.

(L) A lobby of the Palms South Beach Hotel. (R) A dinning room of the hotel.
A lobby and restaurant are smoke-free. This hotel has 30 smoking rooms on the 4th floor.
The percentage of the smoking room to the total 243 guest rooms is 12%.

(L) A stand ashtray in a garden of the hotel. (M) Cigarette butts in the Miami Beach
(R) Many tobacco butts around a palm tree in Miami Beach.

(L) A tobacco packs above a coffee maker in a snack shop in Miami. (R) Art Deco District of Miami Beach.

The Miami Art Deco district.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated, based on-the-spot investigation.

Art Deco Historic District in Miami.

The Miami Art Deco District is dedicated to protect the buildings that best represent the classic architecture
of Miami. The buildings were revolutionary when they were constructed in the early stages of 1900, and
they have influenced other buildings all over the world.

Parrot Jungle Island

Parrot Jungle is a beautiful tropical garden with over 3,000 exotic animals, including 1,100 birds, plus turtles,
alligators and other reptiles and amphibians, as well as 500 species of plants. The garden takes place in the
period of 70 years at the district of South Miami. In 2003 Parrot Jungle was moved to Watson Island near
the area of Miami Beach and is now named Parrot Jungle Island.

Parrots in the Parrot Jungle Island.

(L) A restaurant in the Parrot Jungle Island. No smoking sign plate on the pillar.
(R) Flamingo garden in the Parrot Jungle Island. The number of flamingo is very much smaller than that of
when the writer first visited here.

(L) A financial center in Miami. (R) A squirrel in a Miami park..
Miami is one of the country's most important financial center. It is a major center of commerce, finances,
corporate headquarters, and boasts a strong international business community. According to the ranking
based on the level of presence of global corporate service organizations, Miami is considered one of the
most important global cities in the United States.

(L) A sunset in the Miami beach and North Atlantic Ocean.
(R) Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

筆者が フロリダを訪れるのは3回目、マイアミへは2回目の訪問である。1962年に2週間の休暇を利用してシカゴから
The stop road sign is placed at the south-west end of US 1 in the Key West.

マイアミ ビーチ  空港からはレンタカーを借り受けてマイアミビーチに直行する。空港近辺の高速道路は片側5車線と
幅広く、マイアミビーチには Julia Tuttle Causewayの長いは橋を越えるとすぐである。ほとんどが一方通行なので一度



「I do not want anybody to smoke beside me, please make sure
that you change our seats to the other place in such an incidence! 」

Total Smoking Ban in USA

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smorking ban Virginia USA Smoking Ban in Virginia
smorking ban Michigan USA Smoking Ban in Michigan 
smorking ban Wisconsin USA Smoking Ban in Wisconsin

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 Sunny Isles Beach  Fort Lauderdale  Departure from Miami

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The article was written in May 2008, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

Railways and the City of Miami

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