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United States
Fliers are OK to use e-devices
such as
a digital camera and video throughout flights.

A take-off scene that is observed at Calgary, Alberta in Air Canada aircraft.

Fliers are all right to use e-devices such as readers and games throughout flights.

Passengers can begin using electronic devices when planes are below 10,000 feet in elevation.
  • FAA's move comes as wildly popular devices spread worldwide.
  • Voice calls remain banned during entire flight.

Airlines are racing to allow passengers to use portable electronic devices such as readers and games during takeoffs,
landings and taxiing after the Federal Aviation Administration announced a major policy change on October 31.
FAA Administrator Michael Huerta announced the change at Reagan National Airport, saying airlines would still have
to demonstrate that greater use of electronics won't interfere with each type of plane. Flight manuals, crew training
and safety briefings also must be changed. However, the change is expected on most flights by the end of the year.
Delta Air Lines spokesman Paul Skrbec said the airline already has performed the required tolerance tests on all of
its aircraft and has submitted paperwork to the FAA for its approval. All of our aircraft is ready to go," he said.
The change allows the use of electronics such as smart-phones, e-readers and games while the plane is taxiing, taking
off and landing. Those devices can be used now only while the plane is at cruising altitude. The decision follows a report
from a 28-member committee representing airlines, manufacturers, electronics makers, pilots and flight attendants.
We found that we could protect aviation safety and at the same time address the passenger desire for use of their
small devices," Huerta said. "The committee determined that most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio
interference from portable electronic devices.

Source: USA Today, November 1, 2013

FAA loosens rules for electronic devices during flights.
November 2013

Safety instruction guide is provided at all seats in Jal aircraft.


Every time a passenger rides in the aircraft, first entering the eye is a "bookmark for safety," which is standing
in the seat backrest. As soon as the door of aircraft close, "Please turn off your electronic devices" is announced
by a flight attendant. And a video display that it needs attention of passengers by showing the object of use
regulations on board of JAL flight. Initially, the digital camera is not displayed as a prohibited, but it becomes
the subject of restriction, with the video camera in recent years. It is hard to understand to switch a digital
camera off, despite the announcement of, "Please turn off your electronic devices with a communication function."
A digital camera and video equipment lacks any communication function, therefore, no way to interference
the electric transmission with other people, of course, with an air-traffic controller and cockpit crew of aircraft.

In 2012, I had an experience to discuss with a JAL senior cabin crew about this discrepancy. A stewardess
told me there is very difficult to do an experiment, whether a digital camera causes harmful interference to
communication between aircraft and airport controller, as a private airline company. She added that the regulation
performed by JAL is under the subject to regulation in domestic law of Japan, and airline company asked all
passengers to stop its use of a digital camera and video. That seems to be not based on the scientific evidence,
because are regulated by law in Japan, and doing so in the past.

On the other hand, Delta Air Lines have confirmed the safety of a digital camera, video-taking, at their own
investigation. Aircraft other than Japanese airlines, flight attendant does not concern about camera shooting,
even if a stewardess knew it, there is no movement to blame the use of video and digital cameras. It was
in 2010; in Iceland, more than 15 Germans-organized group tourists took pictures, all at once during takeoff,
from an airport. Many video enthusiasts are enjoying video recording during takeoff and landing of an aircraft
at seeing "YouTube." We are not an aviation professional, although, know well that video camera has no
communication function at all, and this type of electronic equipment does cause any effect on operating of aircraft.

In response of news issued by the U.S.Federal Aviation Administration, it is very pleased to change such absurd
in the restriction of personal camera and video devices.
Further, the use of electronic devices "smart-phone,
" which has a communication function and built-in-digital camera and video capabilities, are acknowledged
its use during takeoff and landing of aircraft. I would like to express my sincerely respect for a research
conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration, United States.

November 2013, written by Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,Ph.D.

The Airlines That Let You Use Electronics During Take-Off And Landing

Airlines and regulators are becoming more and more relaxed about personal electronic devices. British Airways started
allowing people to switch their phones and devices on after landing, following a change of rules by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.
The FAA decided to allow passengers to use portable electronic devices during all phases of the flight, with airlines able
to interpret the rules based on differences in aircraft and operations. 'The agency expects many carriers will prove
to the FAA that their planes allow passengers to use safely their devices in airplane mode, gate-to-gate, by the end of 2013.'

Already, a number of airlines have changed their policies so that you can use that Kindle, iPad throughout the trip.
They include: Delta, Jet-Blue, American, United, Alaska, US Airways, Southwest Airlines and Virgin America.

Source: November 23, 2013 Forbes

Landing on the Paro International Airport, Bhutan is basically visual by a skilful pilot of the Druk Air.
Please watch a spectacular scene of approaching process to the airport. This video clip was taken on September 21, 2012.
That was the day after I was advised to stop taking photography at the time of take-off of JAL aircraft at Narita Airport.

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禁煙席ネット主宰 医学博士 宮本順伯
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The article was written in November 2013 by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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