Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
Haneda airport provides 69 smoking rooms.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Tokyo International Airport, 14 kms south of Tokyo Central Station, is one of the two primary
airports serving the Greater Tokyo Area. It is commonly known as Haneda Airport. Although Haneda
was originally the primary airport for the Tokyo region, it now shares that role with Narita for a flight
abroad. Haneda mainly handles most domestic flights to and from Tokyo while Narita handles mostly
all international flights. The Japanese government plans to expand Haneda's role with more regional
flights and off-peak charter and oversea services. By passenger throughput, it is the busiest
airport in Asia and the fourth in the world.

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

New international terminal

The current international terminal opened in October, 2010. Both Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu
Airport Line was routed to stop at the new terminal.

The fourth runway, which is called D Runway, was constructed to the south of the existing
airfield, and was completed in 2010. This runway was designed to increase Haneda's operational
capacity from 285,000 movements to 407,000 movements per annum, permitting increased
frequencies on existing routes, as well as routes to new destinations. In particular, Haneda
would offer additional slots to handle 60,000 overseas flights a year, that is 30,000 during
the day and 30,000 during late-night and early-morning hours.
Source: Wikipedia

(L) Haneda Airfield in 1937 (R) A new Tokyo International Airport and a railway terminal under construction in 2009

(L) Haneda Airport International Terminal Station of Tokyo Monorail
(R) A frequent train service, including Haneda Express, between the airport and downtown Tokyo ( Hamamatsucho )

Tokyo Monorail Guide: Change a monorail train at Hamamatsucho terminal to Tokyo central district.

Tokyo-Monorail in the winter morning
JAL aircraft is approaching and landing to Haneda Airport.
The aircraft from Hakodate is approaching and going to land Haneda, Tokyo International Airport. Passengers watch the water surface
of Tokyo Bay that is spread over under their eyes.

JAL from Hakodate is taxing Tokyo International Airport.
The aircraft from Hakodate, Hokkaido is now taxing on Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

Air view of the new approach route to Haneda Airport, via Shinjuku and Shinagawa, taken in 2023

(L) A guide map of the Treminal 1, Terminal 2 and International Terminal of Haneda Airport, Tokyo
(R) Haneda Airport International Terminal Keikyu Railway Station

A long escalator connection between Keikyu station and International Terminal of Haneda Airport

The international terminal

Edo-Koji shopping area in the Tokyo International Airport
Edo is the historical name of Tokyo. Edo era is the period between 1603 and 1868.

Edo-Koji shopping area in the Tokyo International Airport

(L) A departure lobby of the international terminal (R) A souvenir shop of the Tokyo International Airport

Hall of the Terminal 2 of the Tokyo International Airport (Haneda )

If no road congestion, it takes 40 minutes to Shinjuku Highway BusTerminal.

Haneda International Airport has 69 smoking booths or rooms: the largest among airports in the world.

(L) A smoking room of the airport (R) Tokyo International Airport

(L) A stand ashtray on the unloading zone of the second floor of Terminal 1
(R) A closed smoking booth on the loading zone of the first floor of Terminal 1
(L) A closed smoking booth on the loading zone of the first floor of Terminal 2
(R) The booth for smokers on the fourth floor of Terminal 2 is separated for men and women.

(L) A smoking booth in the International terminal of Haneda Airport
(R) Smoking room ' Captains' Table' in the Terminal 2

Newly installed smoking room in the Haneda International Airport

Smoking lounges at the International Terminal, 2016

Haneda International Airport has
69 smoking booths or rooms: 18 at the Terminal 1, 35 at the Terminal 2,
and 16 at the International Terminal.
This would be the largest number among airports in the world.
So many Japanese smoker tourists put the light on the cigarette in a smoking booth at Haneda
before the departure of aircraft. This fact also leads to the third-hand smoke creating a problem
with the aircraft cabin passenger.

 A guide of airport smoking rooms
There are 18 smoking rooms at the Terminal 1, 35 smoking rooms in the Terminal 2、and 16 smoking rooms
in the International Terminal.
There are 21 smoking rooms at the Terminal for the international flight, locating on the first to fifth floor.

Smoking restriction of the world airports

TV commercial by Japan Tobacco Inc.( Broadcasted in November 2012 )
JT always opposes to the total smoking ban, and insists to provide a smoking-booth inside of a building.

Narita International Airport
The airport provides at least 24 smoking rooms, the second largest in the world.
Smoking rooms in a local airport in Japan
Domestic Travel in Japan

東京駅から14キロ南に位置し、大東京圏をカバーする。成田空港と国際便を分かち合っているが、羽田空港は 主に国内便、
成田空港は主に国際便と機能分化している。しかし、最近では深夜、早朝発着の規制が 大幅に緩和されたことから羽田空港
発着の国際便が増えている。利用者数から見ると、アジア最大であり、世界でも 4番目に多い。


東京国際空港には69 の喫煙ブースがあり、世界最多である
ターミナル1には18、ターミナル2には35, ターミナル3






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