Norway smoking ban
Smoking ban and tobacco control in Norway

Smoking Ban in Norway

It is not permitted to smoke in public buildings and other places open to the public. Offices and
other places of work are non-smoking areas. This includes hotels, bars, restaurants and all other
establishments where food and beverage are served. Smoking is not permitted on board aircraft
or on other means of public transport.

No-smoking sign at the Bergen railway terminal

Women smokers in Oslo and Voringsfossen, Norway

(L) A candle light placed near the entrance to a hotel:
Is this a special consideration for smokers who wait a shuttle bus to Oslo Intrnational Airport?
(R) An outside table for smokers is provided at a all non-smoking hotel at Sandane, Norway.

A cigarette bought in Norway, June 2015: The price, NOK 114 (13.0 Euro, 14.8 US Dollars )
(L) Smoking extremely damages the health of you and people around you.
(R) Smoking causes your face to be much older.
It is difficult to see the brand name of Malboro at glance.

(L) The prices of tobacco: Malboro red 20 pk and Camel filter 20 pk cost NOK 104 (about 13 dollars as of June 2015),
Paramount red maxi costs NKO 120. This picture was taken at a supermarket in Sandane, Norway.
(R) The legal age to buy tobacco is 18 years in Norway; however, it is said that the 10% of 15-year olds smoke.

The law of Norway enforces to place all tobacco products should be stored in a state, that is not visible from the outside.
(L) This picture was taken at a town north of Bergen (R) at the Narvesen in the city of Bergen.

All cigarettes are housed in a shelf with a sliding door.

An automatic vending machine for tobacco sale, that is found at a supermarket of Jolstringen, a small town in Norway.
The 20 pack tobacco costs NOK 85.90 to 102.90.

Norway smoking ban The price of tobacco is the highest in Europe.

The exclusive entrance of tobacco product, with an automatic door, at the Oslo International Airport

(L) Malboro counter
(R) A special separate section of the World of Cigars: It has a humidity control by issuing the stream.
When we turn over a cigarette box, it shows a graphic health warning.

It is rather rare to see the large display of snus in the airport.
Cigarette photos are intentionally blurred.

Snus is a moist powder tobacco product originating from a variant of dry snuff in early 18th-century Sweden.
It is placed under the upper lip for extended periods. The sale of snus is illegal in the European Union;
however, due to special exemptions, it is still manufactured and consumed primarily in Sweden, Denmark,
Norway and Finland.Smokeless tobacco is a major cause of oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, and esophageal

The smoking violation costs a hotel guest NOK 2000 (243.4 U.S. dollars).

Smoking ban in hotels in Oslo, Norway

Grand Hotel: 292 rooms/all non-smoking
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Oslo: 678 rooms/all non-smoking
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Oslo: 497 rooms/smoking 16 rooms ( 3.2% )*
Scandic Byporten: 239 rooms/all non-smoking
Park Inn by Radisson Oslo:118 rooms/all non-smoking
Scandic Victoria:199 rooms/all non-smoking
Bestwestern Karl Johan Hotel:114 rooms/all non-smoking
Clarion Collection Hotel Savoy: 93 rooms/all non-smoking
Thon Hotel Bristol: 251 rooms/all non-smoking
Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo: 151 rooms/all non-smoking
Thon Hotel Opera: 480 rooms/all non-smoking
Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania: 532 rooms/all non-smoking
Hotel Continental: 155 rooms/all non-smoking
First Hotel Grims Grenka: 65 rooms/all non-smoking
Bestwestern Oslo Airport Hotel: 151 rooms/all non-smoking
Scandic Oslo Airport Hotel: 243 rooms/all non-smoking
Radisson Blu Airport Hotel: 500 rooms/all non-smoking
Gardermonen Airport Hotel:179 rooms/all non-smoking
Total guest rooms in the hotel/The numbers of smoking rooms

Smoking ban in hotels in Bergen, Norway

Radisson Blu Norge Bergen : 347 rooms/all non-smoking
Thorn Hotel Bristol: 138 rooms/
all non-smoking
Grand Terminus: 131 rooms/
all non-smoking
First Hotel Marin: 151 rooms/
all non-smoking
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Bergen: 342 rooms/
all non-smoking
Scandic Ornen: 368 rooms/
all non-smoking
Scandic Neptun: 290 rooms/
all non-smoking
Scandic Bergen City: 263 rooms/
all non-smoking
Scandic Byporken: 159 rooms/
all non-smoking
Clarion Hotel Admiral: 210 rooms/
all non-smoking
Clarion Collection Hotel No.13: 34 rooms/
all non-smoking
Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret: 116 rooms/
all non-smoking

Smoking ban in hotels on the way from Oslo to Alesund

Solstad Hotel & Motel: 20 rooms/all non-smoking
Fossli Hotel: 21 rooms/all non-smoking
Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel: 28 rooms/all non-smoking
Lavik Fjord Hotel: 10 rooms/all non-smoking
Dragsvik Fjordhotel: 24 rooms/all non-smoking
Kviknes Hotel: 196 rooms/smoking 2 rooms ( 1.0% )*
Gloppen Hotell: 61 rooms/all non-smoking
Alexandra Hotel: 200 rooms/all non-smoking
Olden Fjordhotel: 60 rooms/all non-smoking
Sunde Fjord Hotel: 29 rooms/all non-smoking

(L) If you smoke in the room, the hotel will charge a user NOK 1,000 (121.7 U.S. dollars).
Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel
(R) If you smoke in the room, the hotel will charge a user NOK 1,500 (182.5 U.S. dollars).
Gloppen Hotell

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

Japan high speed railways Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Tokyo
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Korea
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Macau
Thailand Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Bangkok
Hong Kong Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Hong Kong

Canada smoking ban Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Vancouver
United States Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at San Francisco
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Shanghai
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Berlin
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Nice

 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Austria
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Germany
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Switzerland

Total smoking Ban in hotels at Moscow, Russia
Total smoking Ban in hotels at Saint Pertersburg, Russia

Smoke-free hotels in Japan
Smoke-free hotels in Tokyo
Smoke-free hotels in Kyoto and Nara, Japan

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Oslo 2016

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Cigarette photos are intentionally blurred.
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