The Railways in and around Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Transit Skytrain

The Bangkok Mass Transit System, commonly known by its abbreviation as the BTS Skytrain, an elevated rapid
transit system in Bangkok,Thailand. It is operated by Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTSC).
The system consists of 23 stations along two lines: Sukhumvit line running northwards and eastwards, terminating
at Mo Chit and On Nut, respectively. Silom line which plies Silom and Sathon Roads, the Central Business District
of Bangkok, terminating at the National Stadium and Saphan Taksin. These lines cross at the Siam Station.
The total combined length of BTS lines is the distance of 55 kms.

Skytrain BTS Siam Station platform サヤーム駅

An automatic vending machine for purchasing a ticket of the skytrain, Bangkok.

A ticket of Bangkok's Skytrain. ( From Left ) A single trip ticket. One day pass, The back side of a ticket
shows the route map.

A route map of BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand.

(L) A boat pier at the BTS Saphan Taksin station.
(R) Buddhist temples viewed from the plateform of Saphan Taksin station.

(L) The interior of BTS trains. (R) National Stadium station

An advertisement is drawn in all BTS trains.

(L) A typical layout of the BTS railway station. The minimum standard facilities of at least one upward
escalator each station.
(R) A bakery mini shop which sells a delicious-looking cake and bread at the National Stadium Station.

The BTS railway tracks. (L) The vicinity of National Stadium station (R) Mo Chit station.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link

The Airport Rail Link became active since August 2010. The services are comprised of two lines, Non-stop express
services and City-train services. Both lines operate from 06:00 am to 12:00 midnight. Non-stop Express services
start at Suvarnabhumi Airport and terminate at Phaya Thai Station. The journey takes only 17 minutes and runs
every 30 minutes. City Train services run between Suvarnabhumi Airport, stop at Lat Krabang, Ban Thup Chang,
Hua Mak, Makkasan, Ratchaprarop and Phaya Thai. The journey takes 27 minutes and runs every 15 minutes.

A City-Line train

(L) A City-Line train at the Phaya Thai terminal station
(R) Two ticket-counter windows are open for the City-line and Phaya Thai express train.
A one-way ticket between Suvarnabhumi and Phaya Thai terminal is 45 bahts for a City-line
train, and 150 bahts, ( until 2012, 90 bahts ) for an express train.

Interior and door of Phaya Thai express train

(L) The plateform for the Phaya Thai express train at Suvarnabhumi Airport station
(R) A toilet for the handicapped

(L) A guide plate of Phaya Thai express train at Suvarnabhumi Airport Station
(M) A liquid-crystal panel that shows the train is going to.
(R) Phaya Thai express train at Suvarnabhumi Airport underground station.

Bangkok Airport Rail Link

Mass Rapid Transit

The 21-kilometer, 18-station Blue line presently runs from Bang Sue railway station to Hua Lamphong railway station.
It has a carrying capacity of 40,000 people in each direction per hour. Considering that Bangkok is a low-lying plain,
which is prone to flooding, all Metro's station entrances are raised about one metre above the ground level and are
equipped with built-in flood gates. Lifts and ramps are found at all stations,providing easy access for passengers in
wheelchairs. Stations have multiple passage ways (generally four) which allow passengers to connect to any corner of
the adjacent surface intersection. Maps depicting the local area and exit points are posted on the walls on the way out.
Due to safety considerations, platform screen doors are installed. The ticketing system uses a contact less technology
]with round black tokens issued for single trips and the stored value cards for frequent users.

(L) A concourse of the MRT Hua Lamphong station. (R) The entrance of MRT Hua Lamphong station.

A concourse of the MRT Hua Lamphong station.

This plaque was placed at the concourse of MRT Hua Lamphong station. It shows the appreciation of financial support
offered by Japanese Government for the construction of the Bangkok's Chaloem Ratchamongkhon Line. 

MRT Chatuchak Park station platform. Each subway station has a platform edge door.

The interior of the MRT subway train. A sign board of a train shows the request to passengers
to yield the seat for an elderly and pregnant person, but also includes a child and monk.

(L) A route map of MRT (R) A subway token The actual color of token is near black.

The entrance of MRT Si Lom station. A route guide of a subway line.

State Railway of Thailand

Hua Lampong Railway Station ホアランポーン鉄道ターミナル駅

(L) The front view of Hua Lampong Railway Station. (R) A railway ticket between Bangkok and Ayutthaya. 

A ticket counter at the Hua Lampong Railway Station

The inside hall of the Hua Lampong Railway Station.

(L) Hua Lampong Railway Station. A dog does not care for the train approaching.
(M) A train used in Thai railway is a made-in Japan. The plate shows the name of Japan National Railway.
(R) A train toilet. After the use, open a water bulb and wash away everything.

Passengers in a station platform.
The right photo shows the remains of a disused elevated railway bridge for an old domestic airport.

(L)Bang Khen Station and abolished elevated railway bridge. (M) A train conductor checked up a ticket.
(R) A station master waving a flag for a departure of a train.

A train window scenery en route to Ayutthaya.

A series of the tranquil scene of countryside passes through the train window.

(L) A countryside local station decorated with a bunch of bougainvillea.
This happy-looking couple is returning their home, maybe, after shopping in Bangkok.
(R) A group of herons flying over a wet land along the railroad en route to Ayutthaya.

(L) A rice field in a countryside is the quite same to that of Japan. (R) A banana field along the railroad.

The interior of the Thai train from Bangkok, via Ayutthaya, to Nakhon Sawan

(L) The sign board of Ayutthaya station, with the national and royal flags attached.
(R) The train arrived at the Ayutthaya station.

The platform of Ayutthaya station is filled with local residents, including a monk.

The waiting room of Ayutthaya station.

A poor barrack along the railway track, near the Bangkok area.

(L) It may be a royal platform of Thai National Railway. (R) The railway track is the front garden for poor people.

The railway track is the front garden of a poor barrack.

(L) An old steel bridge near the Hua Lampong Railway Station.
(R) A station yard of the Hua Lampong Railway Station. A skyscraper in far distance.

Very old trains are in operation at the station yard of Hua Lampong.

Very old trains are in operation at the station yard of Hua Lampong.

スカイトレイン( BTS=Bangkok Transit Skytrain )と呼ばれている高架鉄道には二つの路線がある。

乗車券が出てくるのでこれを拾う。一日乗車券( One-Day Pass )は120バーツでその日に限り乗り


2010年8月に正式開業した。 空港駅からパヤータイ駅まで17分のノンストップで結ぶ急行列車。
160km/h。City Lineは空港駅からマッカサン駅を経由し、パヤータイ駅までを約30分で結ぶ
各駅停車。 運賃は15〜45バーツである。

MRT(Mass Rapid Transit)である。 バンコク・メトロ社が経営している。始発駅は国鉄
ターミナル、ホアランポーン駅( Hua Lamphong Station )である。チャトゥチャック公園駅
(BTS モチット駅)およびスクンヴィット駅(BTS アソーク駅)でスカイトレインと連絡する。




タイ鉄道(State Railway of Thailand)はバンコクを中心に放射状に広がっており、車両は古く






Travel by Train
All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

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Smoking ban in the railway trains of the world

  Smoking ban in restaurants, bars and railways in Thailand
 Hotels in Thailand

Arrival to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport  The city of Bangkok Bangkok Palaces
Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Bangkok Floating market in Thailand  The railways in and around Bangkoko
Ayuttaya, World heritage  Departure from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

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