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Smoke-free should be the minimum standard
for the host city of the Olympics.
Olympic healthy sports environment is frustrating.
The World's worst anti-smoking measures have announced by Japanese Government in 2018.

Smoke-free restaurants and cafe are a prerequisite for 2020 Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are a major international event of summer and winter sports, in which thousands of
athletes compete in a wide variety of events. The Games are currently held every two years, with Summer
and Winter Olympic Games, alternatively.

The 2004 Athens main Olympic stadium.

Smoke-free Tokyo was a prerequisite for Olympic 2016.

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara had been expressed that the Tokyo Metropolitan-Government will not consider to propose a new law
to ban smoking at restaurants and public places.

The IOC will choose the host city for the 2016 Olympics at its general meeting inthe city of Copenhagen in October 2009, where, in
Denmark, smoking in restaurants and bar is prohibited by law. It is more likely that, many IOC members think that the most restaurants
in Tokyo districts unhealthy, since the Government allows smoking everywhere inside. They may conclude that City of Tokyo is not as
the super candidate for the 2016 summer Olympic site.
April 2009, written by Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,Ph.D.

Spain poised for tough no-smoking law.
Government of Spain will prohibit smoking at all enclosed spaces in 2011.

It was a foolish act to divide a public space into a non-smoking and smoking, incorporated in the law
in 2006. Spain completely switched it to a carpet smoking ban in 2011.

Spain, a country famed for its smoke-filled bars, cafes and restaurants, is poised to enact a tough
new anti-smoking law, eliminating its status as Western Europe's last country where lighting up
in indoor public places is allowed.

The bill passed by the parliamentary commission calls for transforming all bars and restaurants into
no-smoking zones, bringing Spain in line with the European Union's strictest anti-smoking nations and
many U.S. states that bar smoking in enclosed public places. It's expected to pass the Senate and
become law on January 2011.


Rio's people celebrate the decision of IOC.

Nearly 50,000 people erupted in celebration when Rio de Janeiro was elected as the host of 2016 summer Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) president congratulated Rio on its decision and praised the high quality of the attempt.
He expressed that Rio provides the opportunity for the city, region, and country to deliver their broader long-term aspirations for
the future.

The result was the success beyond our imagination; it cannot be otherwise. Brazil took very effective action toward a healthy society.
Brazil adopted the complete smoke free law, effective from August 2009, with smoking forbidden in all indoor and enclosed public
spaces such as bars and restaurants and clubs. The IOC decision might be the natural thing to be expected. We again should recognize
that restaurants, bars and hotels are completely smoke-free to provide a healthy, comfortable surroundings to accept a guest from
abroad. That is the minimum standard to select the country we visit.
October 2009, written by Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,Ph.D.

A very few Japanese welcomed Tokyo Olympic. We did not disappoint the result. Tokyo and Japan spend at least $150 million for
his crazy invitation game. Japanese Communist Party claims the former Governor Ishihara used $ 360 million wastefully for the Olympic
game run, including his private diversion of a municipal public finance. He should recognize that Tokyo and Japan would be given the
mark as the lowest city and country in the phase of healthy smoke-free eating environment.

December 2009, written by Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,Ph.D.


Tokyo cleared the first hurdle for the candidate of 2020 Summer Games.

Tokyo and two other cities cleared the first hurdle in the selection of candidates to host the 2020 Summer
Olympic Games, reported by a mass media. Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul moved to the final phase of the
selection process after their bid plans obtained the nod from the International Olympic Committee
Executive Board. The Tokyo 2020 bid committee submitted its application to host the Summer Games in
February, part of a vision to revitalize Japan' s economy, after the devastation of the 2011 -earthquake and

Tokyo estimates a budget of around 7.5 billion yen for the bid. Fifty-one percent of its candidature would
be financed with revenue secured from the private sector and the rest from the Tokyo metropolitan
government. Japan has hosted two Winter Olympics, at Sapporo, in 1972, and at Nagano, in 1998.
Public support for Tokyo was the lowest at 65.2 %, while Istanbul gained s support from 87.1% of people,
and Madrid at the level of 75.3 %.
Source: Kyodo and The Mainichi, May 24, 2012

Tokyo is not as the super candidate for the 2020 summer Olympic.

This tobacco shop, once provided a free indoor smoking space, has closed in 2017.

The 2020 Tokyo summer Olympic is the golden opportunity to introduce the tobacco-dependent society of Japan.
This window display shows a new 100 per cent natural menthol cigarette product sold by Japan Tobacco Inc.

Japan has a serious health problem regarding the safety of restaurants with some exceptionof the food shops
which posted a total smoking ban inside. Different from the most countries in North America, Europe and Oceania,
Japan has no rule for smoking in indoor facilities. Residents in Tokyo, for instance, have to select a restaurant,
whether it is the place in which smoking is permitted inside, before they select a food menu.

Japanese government has no plan to establish a total smoking ban in a food industry. Now, almost all school and
hospitals are smoke-free. However, there is no idea to protect customers and workers from the second-hand
smoke in a restaurant. Its proposal is not a total smoking ban, but to divide a space into the nonsmoking and
smoking. Shinkansen superexpress to Kyoto and/or western Japan runs with a smoking car or a vehicle with
a smoking booth. JR-Tokai ( Central Japan Railway ) and JR-West think that operating car with smoking facility
is a superior service to passengers.

I recommend the IOC members should carefully reassess that the most restaurants and cafes in Tokyo districts
are unhealthy for Game participants. We believe that there are critical health and moral problems for Japan as
a host country for the Olympic Games. At present, and the near future, Japan lacks comprehensive smoke-free environments to protect not only the athletes but also all the guests who will visit to Japan. A total smoking ban
should be enforced to restaurants, trains and all public indoor places. If not, re-examine whether the City of
Tokyo is the super candidate for the 2020 Olympic site.
May 2012, written by Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,Ph.D.

Both WHO and IOC is teaming up to promote healthy lifestyle choices, including physical activity,
sports for all, and tobacco-free Olympic Games.

In the past decades, tobacco industry tried to link smoking and tobacco use with healthfulness, physical fitness,
heroism, national pride and sheer entertainment. However, in Japan, what Japan Tobacco Inc. is aiming to do is
somewhat different. It aims to provide a smoking room inside of buildings, e.g., in the hotel accommodation,
food industries, including cafes and restaurants. A powerful political influence has been evident in the central and
local government, establishing a strong legal basis for a separate smoking space in a public space.Unless we
completely change the policy to allow smoking in a public indoor placeand suppress Japan-Tobacco Inc. activity
without delay, in turn, we will soon lose the huge amount of an invitation expense for the 2020 Olympic Games
in Tokyo.
March 2013, written by Junhaku Miyamoto,M.D.,Ph.D.

Tokyo won bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Buenos Aires (Kyodo) was chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympics on September 7, beating Istanbul
and Madrid at the International Committee's general session in Buenos Aires. The Japanese capital willbe the
first Asian city to host the Olympics twice, having also held the 1964 Games. In 1972 and 1998, Japan has held
the Sapporo and Nagano Winter Games. In a secret ballot by IOC members, Tokyo beat Istanbul 60-36 in the
runoff to decide the host city after Madrid was eliminated in the first round.

Istanbul defeated Madrid 49-45 in a tie break vote. Tokyo was picked amid concerns about radiation-
contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, crippled by the March 2011 earthquake-
tsunami disaster, about 250 kilometers northeast of the city. "The government would never put Tokyo in
harm's way, saying; the situation is under control. It is well within the quality of drinkable water posed in WHO
guidelines, Japanese Prime Minister S. Abe said.

Tokyo has its high-quality infrastructure and transportation networks, and a government reserve fund of 400
billion yen, Tokyo drove home the message in host city selection that it is the "safest, reliable" city to deliver
the Games. The 2020 Games will take place from July 24 to Aug. 9.

Reference: The Mainichi, September 8, 2013

Tokyo has to enforce a total smoking ban in a restaurant as a host city for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

A signboard saying smoking is totally prohibited in the indoor space.

Tokyo was selected as the 2020 summer Olympic site. Many people in Japan are very pleased with
that 60 IOC members voted Tokyo. However, I still wonder whether Tokyo is the best place, since the smoking restriction in Tokyo by an act is ambiguous or almost none, causing with a lot of problems.

We are worried about that smoking is not always banned in all public indoor spaces, which may give
an adverse health effect for Game participants. At present, Japan has no ordinance to enforce a total
smoking ban inside restaurants. Many other public places have a smoking booth or a room, to
accommodate resident and oversea smokers. Japan ratified the world treaty of tobacco control, FCTC,
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, in 2004. Unfortunately, all Japanese cabinets have
neglected this fact.

In April 2013, Japanese Government has approved a 50% financial assistance to the firm to create
a smoking room inside of building. This is completely against the policy of other major countries,
which prohibit smoking in a restaurant and other public spaces. At this time, nobody can safely use
a restaurant in Tokyo, unless it shows ' entirely no-smoking sign' at the entrance of eating places.
The smoking-room ratio in the hotel appears to be highest in the worlds, next probably to Macau.
In most of major Tokyo hotels, we cannot expect to be completely smoke-free.

At this Olympic rally activity, tobacco problems were hided behind contaminated water worry
at the Fukushima. A significant delay in smoking restriction in food industries and hotels in Tokyo
is the most important matter to be solved. We hope all serious situations by cigarette adverse influence
to be settled by the year of 2020.

September 8, 2013, written by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,Ph.D.

The Olympic Games participants should be hospitable with a smokefree policy in all restaurants and cafes in Tokyo.
Japan must move faster on a carpet smoking restriction in a public place.

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Olympic Games and a restriction of smoking in a train by the host countries

1948 XIV London (UK)              
1952 XV Helsinki railways Helsinki(Finland)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1956 XVI Australia rail trip Melbourne (Australia)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
Stockholm railways Stickholm(Sweden)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1960 XVII Italia rail trip Roma(Italy)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1964 XVIII Japan high speed railways Tokyo(Japan)      Smoking is allowed in a train.
1968 XIX Mexico City(Mexico)          Inadequate information
1972 XX Munich(West Germany)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1976 XXI Canada smoking ban Montral(Canada)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1980 XXII Moscow(Soviet Union)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1984 XXIII United States Los Angeles(United States)      Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1988 XXIV Korea Seoul(Korea)             Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1992 XXV Spain Barcelona(Spain)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1994        Norway Lillehammer(Norway)        Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1996 XXVI United States Atlanta(United State)         Smoking is prohibited in a train.
1998        Japan high speed railways Nagano(Japan)             Smoking is allowed in a train.
2000 XXVII australia Sydney(Australia)           Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2002        United States Salt Lake City(United State)      Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2004 XXVIII Greece Athenes(Greece)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2006        Italia rail trip Turin(Italy)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2008 XXIX China Beijing(China)              Smoking is prohibited in a train. 
2010        Canada smoking ban Vancouver(Canada)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2012 XXX London(UK)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2014         Sochi(Russia)              Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2016 XXXI Brazil Rio de Janeiro(Brazil)          Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2018        Korea Pyengchang County(Korea)       Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2020 XXXII Japan high speed railways Tokyo(Japan)           Smoking is allowed in a train.
2022        China Beijing(China)             Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2024 XXXII 高速鉄道網建設 Paris(France)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.
2028 XXVIIII United States Los Angeles(USA)            Smoking is prohibited in a train.

This table shows the smoking ban in a train at the Olympic host countries in and after July 2014.
China Government charges 2,000 Yuan for a violation of smoking restriction in a high-speed train.
In UK, a penalty of the maximum 200 pounds is applied for a smoking at a smoke-free designated vehicle.
Japanese Government admit to installing a smoking booth in a train to support smoking act.

The smoking space in a train is necessary for all smokers? Is that the superb service
to a train passenger? A smoking booth or smoking vehicle is provided in a super-express train
operated by three major Japanese railway companies
All sleeper-trains in Japan, except for Seven-Stars by JR-Kyushu, are connecting a smoking vehicle.
JR-West and JR-East's new deluxe sleeper-trains provide smoking vehicles, that start operation in 2017.

Japan scraps Zaha Hadid plan for Olympic stadium.

The Japanese government has scrapped controversial plans for a dramatic Zaha Hadid-designed $2.03-Billion stadium envisioned as the
focal point of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, amid concern about rising costs and a growing public backlash.“We have decided to go back to
the start on the Tokyo Olympics-Paralympics stadium plan, and start over from zero, said the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, after a meeting
at his office with Yoshir0 Mori, chairman of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee. Organizers already decided to scale back the original
designs, but they will now be scrapped altogether.
Source:TheGuardian July 17, 2015

A financial aid to build a smoking space in restaurants and hotels as a countermeasure
for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced to assist to build a new smoking space in a public space.
The subsidy rate is
80% of the total construction fee, with the maximum of 3,000,000 yen. This is for
the restaurants and hotels which accept a foreign tourist, as a countermeasure for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic.
This financial aid started in July 2015.What a foolish policy! It is against to the global treaty and a violation
of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which Japan ratified in 2004.

August, 2015: Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.

Japan picks new design for Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium.

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma speaks during a press conference after his design for the 2020 Tokyo
Olympic stadium was picked, in Tokyo, in December 2015. Japan chose a scaled-down design for the main
stadium, five months after scrapping the initial design and construction plan for being too costly. His new
design will still cost 153 billion yen ($1.26 billion) to design, build and maintain.
Source: Washington Post, AP, December 22, 2015

Photo source: AFP

Health ministry urges smoking ban for restaurants, other indoor spaces.

Japan should aim at a 100 percent ban on smoking indoors, instead of setting up smoking rooms,
the report said. The report cites a World Health Organization estimate showing secondhand
smoking causes around 15,000 deaths annually in Japan, making it one of the worst for inaction
on passive smoking.

Source: The Japan Times August 31, 2016

Health Ministry Panel 2016:
Japan's effort to curb exposure to secondhand smoke is one of the worst in the world.

Rio passes Olympic flag to Tokyo.

2016 Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro Maracana Stadium

It was a wet, windy and wild farewell to the 2016 Olympic Games as Rio de Janeiro bowed out in a storm of samba and rain inside the Maracana Stadium.
Can she take over the indoor smoking ban that is running in Brazil to the city of Tokyo?

Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike accepted the Olympic flag on behalf of the city.
Picture source:NHK BS1 August 22,2016

Tokyo Governor Koike has proposed a partial smoking ban, allowing smoking in a separate smoking room set in a restaurant.(in Japanese)
Minister of Health, Shiozaki refused a demand by LDP members, in 2017, in which the restriction should be exempted in small food shops.
  Minister Shiozaki said that principles and exceptions are reversed when excluding a small store. (in Japanese)


How to protect yourself from toxic tobacco smoke when you use a restaurant in Japan.
Restaurant industry opposes total smoking ban ahead of 2020 Olympics.
At which hotel, would you like to stay in Tokyo?
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation:
An actual survey in 2013 - 2015
How do they cope with the smoking problems in hotels of Tokyo?

Tokyo International Airport 69 smoking booths or rooms:
the largest number among airports in the world.

Superexpress train, shinkansen, bound for Kyoto runs, with a smoking car or a vehicle
with the booth for smokers.
All sleeper-trains, except Seven-Stars, in Japan are connecting a smoking vehicle.
The smoking car and/or smoking booth in a train are the superb service for train passengers

Japanese Government is to promote a policy of the opposite.
In 2013, Department of Health, Labor and Welfare announced to assist an establishment of
indoor smoking room in restaurant and hotels, and will increase the financial support rate
from the present 25% to
50% of the whole construction fee.
Governor Shigefumi Matsuzawa stressed the need to provide a separate smoking room in public places.
Kanagawa Pref. New Anti-smoke Law would have an irrevocable injurious negative effect
on the future indoor clean-air act in Japan.

Do not repeat to commit a mistake of the anti-smoking ordinance introduced by the Kanagawa Prefecture.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Governor Yoichi Masuzoe advised
to establish a separate smoking space in restaurants and hotels.
The grant-in-aid in 2015 is 80% of the construction fee of smoking facilities.

Japan Tobacco Inc. is trying to brainwashing Japanese people, using TV commercial.
The way to sell a tobacco in Japan, in comparison to other countries
An automatic vending machine for cigarette sale in Japan is the most in the world.
Smokers, get off sidewalk and go inside.

A view of Sochi from the black sea

Sochi is one of the leading Russian cities restricting smoking in public spaces. In 2010, Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov
initiated a charter, Sochi Without Tobacco, that has been joined by some 100,000 people, both residents and tourists.
Anti-smoking measures have traditionally been part of the Olympic campaign. Smoking was banned throughout
the Olympic Games at venues, including bars and restaurants, except for specially designated areas outside the venues.

 A total smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Brazil
 A total smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Vancouver and Whistler
 A total smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Spain Turkey A total smoking ban in restaurants and bars in Turkey

(L) Sagrada Familia at Barcelona, Spain
(R) Girl students at Kusadasi, Turkey
The picture of Barcerona was taken in May 2020, and kusadasi in April 1995, by Junhaku Miyamoto.
 WHO: Stop tobacco-industry interference campaign-video (2012)

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

A current research in 2014- 2018

2014: On-the-spot actual investigation, including hotels, restaurants and railways.
United States smoking ban 
Alaska 2014: On-the-spot actual investigation, including hotels, restaurants and railways.
australia Australia
2014: On-the-spot actual investigation, including hotels, restaurants and railways.
Norway Norway
2015: On-the-spot actual investigation, including hotels, restaurants and railways.
Norway Norway
2016: On-the-spot actual investigation of hotels
Japan high speed railways Smoke-free hotels in Japan

 WHO Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.

Inspection by Dr. Judith Mackay, senior policy adviser, WHO
Dr. Judith Macky is a physician qualified by the Roral College of Physician,
born in England (UK) and lives in Hog Kong.

Picture source: NHK TV December 14, 2016

(L) Dr. Judith Macky is taking a picture of bending machine of tobacco, which is the world's best number.
(R) It is very strange to see a smoking area in a public space. She evaluated it as advanced initiatives.

An evaluation had changed soon after she inspected a restaurant.
This shop adopted the air-curtain system to prevent leaking a side-smoke to a non-smoking area, using a wind to blow down.

Dr. Judith Macky criticized strictly, saying we cannot prevent the side-smoke spreads to another area in the indoor space.
When we deter from diffusion of a harmful tobacco-smoke, it is necessary to produce the energy
equivalent to a tornado. It is impossible to settle the complete separate-anti-smoke system in a restaurant.

Dr. Judith Mackay said
the tobacco policy in Japan is the worst in the world.
It is very important to establish the smoking restriction by law until 2020, when Tokyo Olympic will take place.

The worst anti-smoking measures have announced by Japanese Government in 2018.
Olympic healthy sports environment is frustrating.

A new proposal about smoking regulation by the Health Ministry of Japan in January 2018:
1. A smoking booth is allowed in a large-sized restaurant and bar.
2..Smoking is freely allowed in small-sized restaurant and bar when 'smoking sign' is posted
at the entrance into the facility.
3. How to classify is undetermined. Members of Liberal-Democratic Party ( Prime minister Abe,
Minister of Finance, Aso, etc.)
are requesting the line of 150sqm. If so, about 90 % of eating places s are included and,
in almost in all restaurants, smoking is allowed.
This appeared to be the worst anti-smoking measure in the World, neglecting the WHO and IOC agreements.

January 2018 Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.

Political Background:

In June 2017, the former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Shiozaki has said that the anti-smoke law
should not be ashamed before the world. The minister stressed that many citizens still suffer serious
second-hand smoke in public facilities, such as restaurants and workplaces. He also said,'
For the 2020 Tokyo-Olympic, we are responsible for succeeding the tradition of the Olympic without tobacco.

If a restricted exception was set up at a small-scale restaurant, the Minister said that the principles and
exceptions would reserve and in most restaurants and bars, and the user can put a cigarette at a food
-serving shop.

The flow of politics has changed greatly toward unfavorable direction, in August 2017. Prime Minister Abe
and Finance Minister, Aso dismissed Minister Shiozaki, because he disagreed to a request of LDP members
who admit smoking in the restaurant and bars.

As a result, the Tobacco Chairperson of LDP was nominated as a Minisiter in demand of Tokyo Olympic
Games. He is the brother in law of Finance Minister Aso. At the same time, Representative Kato, who
claims a separate smoking booth in a restaurant, was newly appointed as the next Minister of Health.


Smoking Regulation Awareness Survey in Japan
Do you support the indoor total smoking ban?

Smoking should be prohibited in all indoor public space 83.7%
The individual firms select the state of smoking restriction and show the outcome in the entrance 9.2%
A smoking-space separation in a facility 5.5%

Gender display of voters: Male, 61.8%, Female 36.6%
Source: Asahi Shimbun Awareness Survey on smoking regulation performed in April 2017.

Smoking Rate Investigation in Japan

Overall smoking rate: 17.9% of the total population in Japan
Gender display: Male, 27.8%, Year-on-year 0.4% decrease
Female 8.7% Year-on-year 0.3% decrease

Source. JT data May 2018

US: Overall 15.5% (Gender display: Male, 17.5%, Female 13.5%) in 2016

The Olympic Games participants should be hospitable with a smoke-free
policy in all restaurants and cafes in Tokyo.

> A smoke-free Tokyo as an Olympic legacy: The Japan Times

Smoking Restriction at 2020 Tokyo Olympic

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee has announced that no smoking
is allowed on the premises of the competition venue. It eliminates a smoking place within the area of
competition ground. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1988, after Calgary Winter Olympics,
adopted a non-smoking policy at the time of the event. In the past 16 years, such as the Rio de Janeiro
Olympics, smoking was prohibited in the building, but it was allowed within the ground outside the
competition venue. The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics of 2018 also included the inside of the premises.
All the competition venues were smoke-free, but staff and volunteers, and others exceptionally used the
smoking area. The organizing committee says, "It will apply to any person, including VIP and others.
However, it is said that exceptionally a smoking space is set up only for a long-term stay at an athlete's

Source: Mainichi Shimbun

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Smoking ban in California since 1994

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