Health Warning for smoking

canada Canada   Brazil Brazil d  United States  A good lifestyle advised from USA.
  Tobacco: An engineered highly addictive product.
 Cancer risk in female caused by smoking.
  Danger to work a smoking restaurant
Smoking ban in a cruise ship
Taxi smoking ban
Tokyo's taxi banned smoking.
Japan A smoker's kingdom, Japan: BS Asahi 2003 broadcast
Aggressive street smoking ban in Japan
Japan Kanagawa ordinance: The world 's worst anti-smoking law to protect a worker
Japan  JR-East promotes a total smoking, while Kanagawa pref. accept a smoking space.
Japan New-Chitose Airport, Hokkaido
Japan Narita International Airport, Japan
Japan Haneda Tokyo International Airport
Total smoking ban at Heathrow Airport

Switzerland A smoking regulation differs as the regions changes, in Switzerland.
United States California prohibits smoking in a rental a residential premise.
Germany Total smoking ban in taxi, train and public space in Germany
Netherlands Holland enforces a smoking ban in a restaurant.
Portugal Portugal enforces a smoking ban
Belgium expands smoking ban to all cafes, casinos.
China China will move to a total smoking ban.
Total smoking ban proposal in Korea
Russia Tobacco control in Russia
United States FDA had more power for a cigarette product control.
United States A new graphic tobacco warning in 2012
United Nations WHO advised a total indoor smoking ban in public space.
United Nations Total smoking ban in UN  
CAR :Total smoking ban in a rental car

Total smoking ban in restaurants and bars

Finland Finland  Sweden Sweden   Norway Norway Denmark Denmark  Spain Spain France France
UK  Iceland Iceland   Iraq
Hong Kong Hong Kong   Taiwan Taiwan Singapore Singapore   Thailand Thailand   India India
Turkey Turky Greece Greece  Iran The First Nonsmoking Nation, Bhutan
Brazil Brazil  Puerto Rico Uruguay

United States Sheraton and Marriott Hotels enforced a total smoking ban.
United States smoking ban Smoking ban reduced medical cost up to $86 billion in Calfornia.
Olympic smoking ban Smokefree restaurants and cafe are a precondition for Olympic Games.
Smoke-free EU

Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg Pool Riches to Fight Smoking.
No-smoke snuff tobacco could cause an oral cancer.

A smoking ban in public place.

Italy smoking ban Italy  Malta smoking ban Marta  Ireland smoking ban Ireland  North Ireland  United States smoking ban Canada smoking ban USA and Canada 2007
New Zealand smoking ban New Zealand Hawaii smoking ban Hawaii  Australia smoking ban Australia   United States smoking banCanada smoking ban USA and Canada 2010
Guam smoking ban Guam Island Chicago smoking ban Chicago Miami smoking ban Miami Sweden smoking ban Sweden Netherlands  Holland
Denmark smoking ban Denmark   Health warning in Denmark     France    Thailand India 2010 India
Taiwan  Denmark smoking ban Iceland Finland smoking ban Finland Portugal  Portugal 高速鉄道網建設  Spain Canada smoking ban Canada 2010 
Canada smoking ban Canada 2011 France and Germany 2011  Russia  Chicago smoking ban Alaska 2014 australia Australia 2014

Smoking rooms in a hotel in the worlds

Railways in Japan and in the world
Japan high speed railways JR-East  Japan high speed railways JR/N700 Japan high speed railways Tokyo Rail Stationo: JR-Tokai v.s. JR-East Japan high speed railways JR-Shikoku
Japan high speed railways JR-Hokkaido Japan high speed railways JR-East Superexpress train  Japan high speed railways Odakyu Electric Railway
Japan high speed railways
 Narita Airport Access: Narita Express v.s. Keisei Skyliner
Smoking ban in railways in the world
Japan high speed railways France high speed railways Italy high speed railways Spain high speed railways Market booms for new high-speed trains.
Italia rail trip Italia Rail: Trenitalia    Ireland rail trip Rail travel Ireland    New Zealand rail trip New Zealand railway
Australia rail trip
Australian Rail
United States railways Terminal Station Boston   United States smoking ban Boston Subway   United States smoking ban Amtrak Acela Express
United States smoking ban Terminal Station NewYork  United States smoking ban New York Subway
United States smoking ban Chicago CTA Rail   United States smoking ban  Miami Metro Rail
United States smoking ban Union Station and railways in Washington, DC Stockholm railways Arlanda Express in Stockholm
Sweden railways X2000 Express: Stockholm-Copenhagen   Stockholm railways Subways and Tram in Stockholm
Paris subway railways
Paris Railways   Paris railway terminal stations  Paris Rail Terminal Station
Copenhagen railways Copenhagen Railways    Helsinki railways Hersinki Railways   Netherlands Amsterdam railway
Bangkok railways Bangkok railways   Taiwan high speed train  High-speed Taiwan Rail   Taiwan railways  Taiwan Rail
Canada smoking ban
Vancouver's Skytrain   Canada smoking ban  Canadian Railway/VIA Portugal  Railways in Portugal
Spain Spain's high-speed train  Spain Barcelona Rail    France Rail/SNCF2011
 German Rail/DB 2011  Russian's high-speed train

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

Travel sketches in the world

Travel by Train and Rent-A car

Rusia smoking ban Russia 2014
China smoking ban  Shanghai 2013  Austria Germany smoking ban Germany 2013 Switzerland smoking ban Swiss 2013  
Korea Korea 2012  Miami smoking ban West Coast and Rockies 2012
Bhutan 2012 Hong Kong HongKong 2012
alaska alberta rockies mountains air view Canada 2011 British Columbia  Alberta

Visit to France, Germany and Switzerland 2011
Paris Mont Saint-Michel Marseille Nice  Monaco Lyon Strasbourg
Switzerland Basel Berlin

Visit to Canada and USA 2010

Miami smoking ban  Washington, D.C.2010 alaska alberta rockies mountains air view Ontario 2010   Miami smoking ban Michigan 2010

India, Portugal, Spain and Holland 2010
India 2010 The society of cheater, India  Portugal Portugal  高速鉄道網建設 Spain  NetherlandsAmsterdam

Thailand, Taiwan and Iceland 2009
Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok Airport Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok railways Bangkok, Thailand Ayuttaya Bangkok, Thailand Floating market in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand Grand palace, Bangkok Bangkok, ThailandBangkok city
Metropolitan Taipei Taipei: Present and Past Iceland tour Great adventure nature trips in Iceland

France, Sweden, Denmark 2008
Charles de Gaule International Airport  Paris de Gaulle Airport   Paris city Paris Stockholm, SwedenStockholm   Gothenburg cityGothenburg  Malmo city Malmo
Copenhagen city Copenhagen  Jutland peninsula Fyn Island Jutland Peninsula  Fyn Zealand Fyn and Zealand  Oresund bridge Drogden TunnelOresund bridge Drogden TunnelOresund Bridge and Drogden Tunnel

alaska alberta rockies mountains air viewalaska alberta rockies mountains air view  Air view of Canadian Rockies 2008   Chicago smoking banChicago Tour Miami smoking ban Miami Tour

Northeastern USA and Canada 2007
USA Canada Trip to inspect smoking ban Boston to Quebec  USA Canada Trip to inspect smoking ban Quebec City  USA Canada Trip to inspect smoking ban An autumn symphony color in Qubec USA Canada Trip to inspect smoking ban Ottawa
alaska alberta rockies mountains air view Vermont and New Hampshire USA Canada Trip to inspect smoking ban Boston USA Canada Trip to inspect smoking ban Manhattan, New York

New Zealand heli tour  Hilicopter tour in Southern Alps , New Zealand 2006

Travel by a cruise ships

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 Russia unduly occupies our Northern Territories of Japan.
Smoke-free hotels in Japan
Domestic travel in Japan
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
 Stop merging war criminals and war victims at Yasukuni Shrine.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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